Perkbox reimagines global reward and benefits for the post-pandemic world


LONDON, Aug. 18, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Perkbox, the global benefits and reward platform, today announces its new offering to help employers care for, connect with, and celebrate their people around the world.

The new location agnostic Perkbox platform enables employers to harmonise their global employee experience and create cost and time efficiencies, while delivering bespoke wellbeing, recognition, and engagement offerings to each employee. Perkbox already supports over 5,000 businesses and more than 600,000 users across more than 34 countries.

The new platform launch comes as HR leaders worldwide grapple with a unique set of circumstances, brought about, or accelerated, by the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Employee wellbeing is in freefall. Nine in ten employees faced new wellbeing challenges in 2020[1], as burnout from balancing work and life becomes a greater issue
  • The employee/employer relationship is changing. Work from home-induced introspection has left many people looking for more from their employer and work.
  • International, distributed working models are on the rise. Hybrid and remote working are making it more difficult to create a clear and attractive organisational culture across multiple locations.
  • There’s a new talent landscape. New ways of working have also unlocked a truly international pool of talent, giving businesses the option to recruit from anywhere in the world.

In response, Perkbox’s reimagined, unified platform helps HR leaders create a stronger employee value proposition, built around caring for, connecting with, and celebrating employees, wherever they’re based.

Employees can access the platform via web or a powerful single app. It’s organised into four ‘hubs’, each offering support in a key area, and integrates seamlessly with existing single sign on (SSO) and human resources information systems (HRIS) – creating a frictionless experience for both employees and HR administrators.

Wellness hub. Supporting employees’ wellbeing is vital in itself, and it boosts retention and engagement.[2] The Wellness hub enables employers to meaningfully support this area by providing access to carefully curated, constantly updated wellbeing content. Employees can choose what works for them – from hypnosis and therapy audios to HIIT workouts and meditation guides.

Perks hub. Perks hub enables employers to overcome the stifling complexity of the global benefits market, while providing employees with the huge variety of global deals, discounts and benefits needed to fulfil individual requirements. There is also the option for employers to offer a monthly ‘Flexi points’ allowance. Employees can redeem these, at no cost to themselves, against a wide range of ‘Flexi Perks’, from coffees and entertainment subscriptions to mindfulness apps – and much more.

Celebration hub. Building a culture of appreciation can help drive motivation and engagement.  Celebration hub helps strengthen the connections between all employees and employers, regardless of location, by enabling leaders to visibly recognise and reward their people in a personalised way. Recognitions can also be linked to company values – helping businesses reward behaviours that embody what they stand for.

Culture hub. This helps create cultural alignment and a greater sense of togetherness across all parts of the business, by providing a single source for news and company initiatives.  It reduces reliance on leaders in each location to cascade information – saving their time and that of HR leaders.

Gautam Sahgal, CEO, Perkbox comments: “Organisations are becoming increasingly diverse – with people of different demographics spread across different geographies. This is presenting HR leaders with a two-pronged challenge: how to create a clear, common, and compelling culture for the evolving, international workforce. And how to create a reward and benefits offering that provides genuine value to everybody, wherever they are.

“We want Perkbox to be the simple, cost-effective answer to the global challenges and opportunities the new age of work poses. The platform is the result of an incredibly in-depth investigation into what our clients truly want from us. We took the time to ask HR leaders why they chose Perkbox and, in today’s working world, the ability to harmonise wellbeing, recognition and engagement across markets was seen as vital. This is the strategic imperative to help organisations attract, retain and inspire the talent they need to succeed.”

About Perkbox

Perkbox is the global benefits and rewards platform that allows companies to care for, connect with and celebrate their employees, no matter where they are and what they want. Location agnostic, it supports over 5,000 businesses and more than 600,000 users across 34 countries and counting. 

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