Shielding Our Singapore Spirit: Mamoru Marketing Shields More Than 12,000 NDP 2021 Participants with Clinical Grade ECOM products


SINGAPORE, Aug. 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Celebrating Singapore’s 56th year of independence, Mamoru Marketing Pte Ltd, exclusive distributor for ECOM products in Singapore, is proud to partner with the National Day Parade (NDP) 2021 for the first time this year to lend a hand in ensuring a COVID-Safe celebration. In line with this year’s NDP theme – Together, Our Singapore Spirit; Mamoru Marketing is standing together with the community by protecting more than 12,000 NDP 2021 participants. ECOM products such as Japanese-patented technology EA Mask and Bion Spray were distributed through its specially designed NDP 2021 Care Pouch while the world’s first clinical-grade Chlorine Dioxide (CIO2) ECOM EA Mask 030+ Air Purifier will be providing purified and filtered air at strategic key locations.

Above: More than 12,000 NDP Care pouches containing ECOM EA Mask and Bion Spray were given to NDP participants and 30 sets of ECOM Mask 030+ were installed at NDP key locations

Heroes of NDP 2021: ECOM Mask 030+ Air Purifier, EA Masks & Bion Spray

To ensure participants are protected, the ECOM Mask 030+ air purifier has been installed in NDP 2021 key locations such as routine testing sites, VIP reception rooms and performers’ holding areas. ECOM Mask 030+ is an internationally certified air purifier covering over 1000 sqft, with a remarkable CADR (Clean Air Delivery Rate) of 870m3/hr. The 10-in-1 air purifier incorporates a primary anti-bacterial filter, a large CIO2 filter that works 24/7, the world’s longest HEPA platinum filter with 12 metres in length, and a negative ion plasma generator. It actively detects the pollution level in the room and its 8 sets of wind wheels ensure that the air is being quietly filtered regularly. The highly effective ECOM Mask 030+ is more than a PM2.5 air purifier as it removes bacteria, formaldehyde, odours and particulates.

An exclusive care pouch was also distributed to each NDP participant to ensure that they are well-protected from germs and bacteria during rehearsals and on the big day. Each customised ‘SHIELD ON to SHIELD OTHERS’ pouch contains 1 EA Mask, offering the participants protection on the go, and a 10ml Bion Spray.

Independently tested by research centres in Japan, Lebanon & China since its launch in 2012, ECOM EA Mask eleventh lab test conducted by Setsco Singapore in April 2021 achieves 99% bacterial kill. Chlorine Dioxide (CIO2), an A1 disinfectant classified by the World Health Organisation in ECOM EA Mask products, changes the molecular structure of viral and bacterial proteins and reduces their functions.

When it comes to having clean hands before a meal or whenever necessary, the Bion Spray, a food-grade sanitiser & deodoriser comes in handy. Tested with Setsco Singapore and TUV Singapore in 2020, the environmentally-friendly Bion Spray proves to kill 99% bacteria and removes odour.

“For an event of such magnitude, we are extremely honoured to be able to play a part in protecting the participants while celebrating Singapore’s independence. There’s no better time to share the EA Mask, Bion Spray and ECOM EA Mask 030+ with the community. Though the road ahead is daunting, we can only stand together and play our part so that we can continue living safely in the new normal. With COVID-19 becoming endemic, we hope the community uses ECOM products in their daily lives to protect themselves and their families, protecting the next generation,” said Mr Desmond Teo, Managing Director of Mamoru Marketing.

ECOM products are available on their website, Shopee, Lazada, and Qoo10. For more information, please visit

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