Gaabor: Extraordinary Experience with One Single Touch


MANILA, Philippines, Sept. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — The German brand Gaabor, since its entry into the Southeast Asian market this year, it has attracted the attention of many consumers with its good performance and superior appearance, and has gained a large number of positive comments on the network. Gaabor has recently released a 3D video of its trump single product, namely, the Gaabor Smokeless Air Fryer.

Gaabor Air Fryer: 3D Cooking with One Single Touch

Based on the “German coupe-class experience”, this 3D video presents the inner working principle of the Gaabor smokeless air fryer in a dynamic way. The visual impact of the video and the superb sense of technology make you feel like watching a science blockbuster.

Under the backdrop of the cool sound, the current flows at the moment when the switch is pressed down – the intelligent linkage begins, accompanied by the efficient operation of Gaabor’s German DC motor. The heating tube quickly starts the circulation of heat, followed by the all-round circulation of Gaabor cyclone air system and gorgeous transformation of ingredients.

With the cooperation of the famous local German Mercedes-Benz designer, Gaabor introduces the new concept of oil circuit system applied in Mercedes-Benz car in the product. It carries out technical and cooking concept innovations and upgrades the product performance continuously with the application of its own Gaabor Cyclone air cold and hot circulation ventilation system + Accurate sectional and cooking + Oil-Fume filtering system.

The push-button activation segment that appears at the very beginning of the video is presented with the orange Gaabor logo. The orange color is a special setting of Gaabor based on the user’s perception of use. And the orange color on the switch and handle of Gaabor smokeless air fryer attracts the user’s visual attention in a most direct way, with it, users can reach the fresh taste brought by Gaabor at a single touch.

Gaabor Smokeless Air Fryer: Delicious Taste Experience at the Touch of a Button
Gaabor Smokeless Air Fryer: Delicious Taste Experience at the Touch of a Button

Gaabor Smokeless Air Fryer: Savory Experience with One Single Touch

Gaabor’s product designer Lris said: “The overall design concept of Gaabor products starts from giving users a “coupe-class” experience, with the gray tone and orange embellishments on the exterior of the Gaabor smokeless air fryer (GA-M35A) and the performance of fast preheating, even heating, and precise temperature control, all of which are designed to make users feel the thrill of driving a coupe during the cooking process.” That is what this video wants to showcase.

About Gaabor:

Gaabor home appliance brand is founded by German kitchen stove industry doer and entrepreneur Gabor Lorenz, it is dedicated to providing users with a series of high-quality products, and intelligent, convenient, healthy and rich living experience. In 2021, Gaabor officially enters the Asian market. 

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