Men’s Grooming Brand Alpha Rules is Launched to Awaken Alpha Characters of Indonesian Young Generation


JAKARTA, Indonesia, Aug. 26, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Alpha Rules, an Indonesian men’s grooming brand, has a mission: to be the Indonesian brand that awakens positive characters of Indonesian young generation. It’s vision: to be a global brand for alpha men.

Deddy Corbuzier, A List Celebrity and Founder of Alpha Rules, at Online Grand Launching of Alpha Rules Brand
Deddy Corbuzier, A List Celebrity and Founder of Alpha Rules, at Online Grand Launching of Alpha Rules Brand

The brand inspiration comes from the understanding of the importance of self grooming and having confidence in life. To serve the purpose of giving those needs to men, Alpha Rules offer five product variants, Full Body Contact (2-in-1 shampoo and soap), Heads Up (shampoo), Dirt Off (soap), Face Up (facial soap), and Raze Off (shaving cream). To make sure the brand has great quality products, Alpha Rules have chosen best ingredients that are sourced locally and globally through a long process of R&D.

Alpha Rules believe that to build self confidence, be the best version of self, and the chance to succeed will be bigger when men are taking a good care of their own bodies’ look and feel.

Deddy Corbuzier, an Indonesian A List Celebrity, who founded Alpha Rules said, “Alpha Men are smart. They are not afraid to take risks because they know to be successful, they need to be out of their comfort zones. And, they are persistent.” People with these characters are believed to be the ones who love Alpha Rules.

Alpha Rules have appointed Jeremiah Lakhwani, a health and fitness influencer, as it’s Brand Ambassador. “From millions of Indonesian men out there, i am happy and proud to be chosen to represent Alpha Rules. I realize that Alpha Rules and I have the same mission which is to always give positive impact to our country. We believe that Indonesia can be a great nation if all of our young generation has the Alpha characters.”

Alpha Rules are committed to support and play a proactive role in sport events and on both online and offline programs that have a clear purpose which to give positive impacts for Indonesian young generation. Through collaborations with celebrities, athletes, and influencers that have been built and will continue to be built in the future, Alpha Rules believe that the maximum contribution and impact to society can be achieved.

By leveraging (data analytic) technology that has been built in inside, the brand will be able to understand more about it’s consumers’ behavior and wants which will allow the brand to innovate continuously in order to give what the consumers deserved, which is nothing but the best.

Launched at the beginning of July 2021 (in the middle of pandemic), Alpha Rules has received inquiries for distributorship for few South East Asian countries. The acceptance of the brand has been rewarding domestically, currently Alpha Rules have almost a hundred agents (small distributors) and over 500 resellers (individual retailers) across Indonesia. This sales strategy is chosen, instead of distributing the products on conventional retailers, because Alpha Rules want to empower Indonesian young generations to achieve their success, together with the brand.

PT Alpha Infinit Indonesia, brand owner of Alpha Rules, was founded by Deddy Corbuzier, Sumitro, and Billy Boen in February 2021. Alpha Rules is a consumer brand tech focuses on mens’ grooming category, offering five different product variants: shampoo-soap (2-in-1), shampoo, soap, facial soap, and shaving cream.

Alpha Rules have official agents and resellers spread in hundreds of cities across Indonesia which are listed on

Instagram/facebook/tiktok/twitter: @alpharulesid


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