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Dato’ Lewre Lew, Founder of Lewre’ Bespoke

Crafting bespoke shoes to help women dress elegantly is my passion.

It is a passion which started four decades ago, when I became captivated with the art during a visit to a bustling shoe factory. There I was exposed to the shoemaking process, of how it went from concept to sketch to finally becoming a beautiful masterpiece that is ready to adorn its owner. I was hooked!

That was my introduction to the shoemaking world, and I worked there for three years. I have been blessed to be able to learn from some of the world’s finest artisans in bespoke shoemaking, such as Jimmy Choo, whose wisdom was invaluable in my development. These lessons put me in good stead when I decided to spread my own wings.

What started off as a simple shoe retail company quickly evolved to become a place where I could indulge in an adventure for design; fuelled by my unyielding desire to create something authentically mine. After all, if others could create something beautiful that is uniquely theirs, why can’t I do the same with my own originality?

I am inspired by the elegance and confidence of femininity. And nothing brings that out better than high heels. That is how they became my canvas to showcase a woman’s aura and enhance her presence. I am always delighted by the remarkable metamorphosis which takes place when my clients step into my creations. It is a subtle transformation that is made apparent by the sway of their hips, the lift of their bust, the improvement to their posture. And all this helps lift their spirit, energy and confidence to the next level. That is why I say, we are not a retailer; we are an experience.

Of course, to be the best, we have to use the best. I source the finest leather from Italy, fabrics of unparalleled quality from across the world, and exquisite stones that glisten like stardust. Why? Because each shoe that we produce must be very beautiful, comfortable, and have high sex appeal. Sure, you could have the loveliest of outfits but the secret sauce actually lies with your footwear. Just take a look at how celebrities exit their limousines. It’s always the shoe that pops out first, it’s what the photographers capture first. That’s how we help to empower our clients.

I am proud that both local and international celebrities and royals have sought my expertise. Luminaries such as Her Majesty Queen Azizah of Malaysia, HRH the Princess of Wales Kate Middleton, and Dato’ Sri Siti Nurhaliza have recognised the essence of authenticity woven into every stitch. The art of bespoke shoemaking is not just about crafting shoes; it’s about crafting comfort, confidence, grace, glamour and empowerment for their significant occasions.

I love seeing how my sketches evolve into real masterpieces. But my ultimate joy is when a client reaches out to say how satisfied they are with the final product. I pour my heart and soul into creating each shoe, and to hear that validation is simply wonderful.

“The secret to my designs? It’s not about how old or how young you are. It’s about how new you are; in your mind, body and soul. That is how my designs stay fresh and beautiful.”

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