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Hambali Mukhlas, Chairman of Business Council for Malaysia-Vietnam Friendship Association

For me, cycling, particularly mountain biking, has become more than just a pastime or getting a healthy dose of exercise. As I pedal through the winding trails, the rush of wind against my face, every rotation of the pedals carries me further into a realm where my passion and philosophies converge.

My love for cycling sparked after seeing a friend proudly displaying his state-of-the-art bicycle. Naturally, I felt compelled to experience it first-hand. And when I did, the connection was instant. From that point onward, there’s no turning back for me. Since then, it has taught me the importance of a strong foundation. Proper bicycle riding techniques and fittings ensure not only a comfortable ride but also an efficient one. I apply the same idea into my business ventures because in any pursuit, a solid base of knowledge is essential for success.

Over the years, cycling has also led me to better understand my own body, its capabilities, and limitations. Factors such as height, weight and heart rate can influence the performance of a cycling session. I mirror this attention to detail in my business strategies too because both realms demand a deep understanding of the intricacies involved to achieve optimal performance.

The diverse terrains we cycle through mirror life’s challenges — smooth roads to steep hills demand varied skills and adaptability. Navigating these teaches resilience, because like life, it’s full of unexpected turns. And it feels very rewarding being able to conquer them. In 2013, a biking accident left me temporarily paralysed for six months. Recovery was tough, but it did not keep me away from the tracks long; I got right back on the saddle shortly after recovering, exercising more caution this time of course.

Also, the camaraderie with fellow cyclists is delightful. Connecting with strangers and witnessing Malaysians’ kindness to one another has been a rewarding experience. This has also influenced my job approach, as it involves networking with influential people worldwide. It has reinforced my belief in the power of collaboration and the support networks that elevate us in life.

And yet, the best reward appears in breathtaking moments. After conquering tough terrains for hours, you’re met with a panoramic view of nature’s beauty. These instances of sheer awe remind me that the struggles I’ve faced are a small price to pay for the unparalleled rewards that lie ahead. It mirrors the joy that comes from overcoming adversity in life – the moments when we emerge stronger and wiser.

In a world that often values profit above all else, for me, cycling serves as a beacon of balance and meaning. It’s a reminder that life is a journey, not a destination, and that every experience, no matter how challenging, contributes to our growth, a beauty that define the human experience.

“Each steep climb that I cycle through parallels the uphill battles we face in our daily lives. They remind me that progress often requires pushing through discomfort and fatigue.”

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