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Westin Wedding Fair 2024: The Largest in East Java, Wedding Exhibition Covered in Art, Technology and Modern Adornments

SURABAYA, Indonesia, April 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The Westin Surabaya returned to hold the grandest wedding exhibition in East Java. Echoing their success last year, the luxurious 5-star hotel locating in West Surabaya, presented “Westin Wedding Fair 2024” under the theme “Journey of Love”. Unveiled for 3 days, the exhibition started from March 22 to 24, 2024, at the largest ballroom in East Java, The Westin Grand Ballroom & Convention Center. The enthusiasm was felt to increase from the rising number of visitors and participants compared to last year.

Westin Wedding Fair 2024 returned with bigger enthusiasm for the brides and grooms to be at The Westin Grand Ballroom & Convention Center, Surabaya
Westin Wedding Fair 2024 returned with bigger enthusiasm for the brides and grooms to be at The Westin Grand Ballroom & Convention Center, Surabaya

“This is the third year the Westin Wedding Fair has been held. Many said that this annual event is one of the biggest events most eagerly awaited by the people of Surabaya and its surroundings. This year, approximately 4,000 visitors attended and more vendors joined than in the previous year,” explained Tessa Zelyana, Complex Marketing and Communication Manager of The Westin Surabaya and Four Points by Sheraton Surabaya, Pakuwon Indah.

Unique Decorations and Visionary Themes from Each Vendors

There were 175 vendors from 10 categories joining, including EO, Decoration, Cake, Dresses, Multimedia & Entertainment, Photo & Videography, Accessories, Souvenirs, Make-up Artists, and Venue. Tessa explained, “What’s interesting is that we grouped these vendors and divided them into several parts of the exhibition area or what are called as ‘islands’. Then each of these islands has its own unique concept and different attractions from one another. For example, this year on Fairytale Organizer’s Island, the theme followed what is currently on the rise, namely ‘Lovers Era’ inspired by the singer Taylor Swift. Majestic Hocus Pocus had the theme ‘Evolve’ which stems from their passion to bring many changes to the wedding industry with concepts that are always fresh. Poetyque Events brought the unique ‘Mushroom Haven’, decorated with beautiful giant mushrooms like in a fairy tale. These are just a few of dozens of other concepts.”

One thing that was being the center of attention at the Westin Wedding Fair 2024 was the tunnel full of LEDs entitled ‘The Tunnel’, which was created by Lasika Experience, Nuansa Concept, and D’Factory. There were various kinds of interactive visuals displayed from all sides of the tunnel, making it a stopping place for visitors to capture moments from the exhibition there.

Virtual Live Talk Show for the Virtual Visitors

During the three days of the exhibition, The Westin Surabaya held four ‘Westin Talks’ sessions, which is live Instagram talk shows with several vendors. “One of the recurring agenda items of Westin Wedding Fair is that we have several talk shows about wedding events with experts. This year, Bie Hin Tailor is promoting the ‘Memoire de Marrakech’ concept and their latest collection of hand-painted suits, namely the Personalized Whisper Painting Suit, which combines fashion and art painting. Then there was also Cherry Jessica, Make Up Artist, sharing her views on make-up trends in 2024 and 2025. There was also the Lasika Experience team, who gave the reasons why their unique LED visual concept must be present at weddings. Lastly, there was Majestic, who brought Stradivari Orchestra playing a sudden orchestra concert in the middle of the fair. “These four sessions are presented so that those who don’t have the opportunity to attend The Westin Grand Ballroom directly can not only get an idea of the excitement of this exhibition but also gain some new knowledge about weddings,” said Tessa.

Prizes Worth Tens of Millions of Rupiah as Exhibition Grand Prize

Westin Wedding Fair 2024 visitors also had the opportunity to take part in the grand prize to win “Stars Aligned” – Eternity Wedding Rings, or a luxury wedding ring by Adelle Jewelery worth 18 million rupiah. “Stars Aligned” is a collection of rings inspired by the rows of stars in the sky, which then set out in jewelled works as a symbol of a husband and wife’s beautiful journey of love, like stars in the night sky.

Not only that, there were also two sets of suits and pants, “Personalized Whisper Suit” Spring Summer 2023 // Rare Series by Bie Hin Tailor, each worth 20 million rupiah. After successfully collaborating with an impressionist painter last year, Bie Hin Tailor has again released a suit and pants set that combines fashion and art painting. The colors streak on Bie Hin Tailor suits has a personal meaning because the process is not done by machine, but directly by hand-painting.

“Special prizes from these two vendors can be won by lucky visitors who make transactions at the Westin Wedding Fair 2024,” said Tessa.

The Westin Wedding Fair 2024 takes place from March 22 to 24, 2024, from 10:00 – 22:00. Follow the Instagram social media account @westinsurabaya for various activities, offers and the latest information.

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