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ZULIZ on the march – First overseas outlet in Singapore

SINGAPORE, Oct. 11, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — On October 7th, ZULIZ’s first overseas outlet officially made its way to Singapore. As the pioneer and leader of the Chinese elderly shoe category, ZULIZ has won widespread praise from consumers for its excellent quality and comfortable wearing experience. This time exploring markets abroad, ZULIZ will show the charm of “Made in China” to the world with its unique competitive advantage in market segment as well as professional products and services.

ZULIZ on the march - First overseas outlet in Singapore
ZULIZ on the march – First overseas outlet in Singapore

ZULIZ’s First Destination of Globalization: Landing in Singapore and Launching Internationalization Strategies

Singapore is located in the heart of Southeast Asia and is one of the most international cities in the world. Not only has advanced infrastructure here, but also has an open business environment and a diversified consumer base. ZULIZ’s choice of Singapore as the location for its first overseas outlet has profound strategic significance. As the economic center of Southeast Asia, Singapore has a convenient logistics system and broad market clout. With the help of Singapore’s geographical advantages and commercial resources, it will lay a solid foundation for brand internationalization.

There are many Chinese Singaporeans who have a high awareness and acceptance of Chinese brand products, which is conducive to the rapid promotion and sales of ZULIZ in the Singapore market.The first outlet in Singapore is located in the bustling Chinatown Point, which is one of the biggest Chinese people communities that has products and cuisine from all over China, attracting a large number of tourists to come and consume every year. Based on its superior geographical location and extensive operational experience over 3,000 outlets in China, the overall sales of the ZULIZ outlet exceeded 17,600 S$ during the soft opening period (October 1st-October 6th). On the day of opening, the outlet achieved a daily sales volume of over 100 pairs, exceeding 8,600 S$ in sales, and a daily sales per unit area of nearly 240 S$.

ZULIZ Overseas First Outlet: Show the Strength and Characteristics of Chinese Brands

In 2015, ZULIZ Senior Shoes was officially registered in China and have been growing for 9 years. The enterprise continues to conduct in-depth research on the changes in the foot shape of the elderly. By collecting data from 7 dimensions of the elderly’s foot, it has developed professional shoe lasts that are suitable for the elderly’s foot shape. Focusing on the elderly’s shoe wearing needs, it has developed professional elderly shoes that are wearable, suitable and comfortable. As of now, ZULIZ Senior Shoes have obtained 335 patents for invention, utility model, and appearance design in terms of sole, upper, and shoe accessories. In 2023, it was awarded the market status certification of “No.1 brand of senior shoes in mainland China for 3 consecutive years from 2020 to 2022, in terms of retail sales volume” and “Elderly Shoe Industry Leader in mainland China” by Euromonitor International Shanghai Co., Ltd. and successfully entered the list of China’s Top 500 brands selected by World Brand Lab.

This time exploring markets abroad, ZULIZ has actively acquainted with the needs and tastes of overseas consumers, so as to provide more targeted products and services for the local market. According to our market research, it is found that in Singapore, elderly people aged over 60 are generally honored as “senior”, which means a hope for the elderly to enjoy a peaceful and pleasant life. Senior people in Singapore join in outdoor activities with a high frequency and attend various occasions. Along with the changes in the foot brought about by aging, senior people in Singapore hold higher requirements for shoes, and attach more significance to comfort and aesthetics.  

With such broad market prospects, and based on our research experiences of the elderly’s foot shape and professional footwear manufacturing skills gathered in China, ZULIZ specifically developed professional ZULIZ Senior Shoes for overseas outlets, which are more in line with the needs and aesthetic taste of the target customer groups. Currently, ZULIZ’s Singapore outlet has already begun to sell various series of main products, including Dad Shoes, Mom Shoes, Travel Shoes, Walking Shoes and so on.

Apart from products, brand image is also crucial in the international market. ZULIZ will emphasize its investment in the building and maintenance of brand image to create a high-end and professional brand image through a coherent visual image, professional service and premium products. It is worth mentioning that in addition to providing products of the same quality, the staff at ZULIZ’s Singapore outlet have been trained to bring overseas consumers the same high quality services as those in China, providing timely and effective product introductions and shopping advice.

ZULIZ’s Globalization Milestone: Bring “Professional Senior Shoes” to a deeper and broader market

For ZULIZ, the opening of the first overseas outlet is also a significant milestone of the corporate strategy. It represents that ZULIZ has officially entered the international market and started a new journey of brand internationalization, which will bring more business opportunities and development space for the brand. Meanwhile, the brand globalization will further enhance the popularity and influence of ZULIZ, bring “Professional Senior Shoes” to a deeper and broader market, and provide strong support for the development of the brand in both domestic and foreign markets. In addition, brand globalization will also help ZULIZ to reach the international standards in product development, quality control and other aspects, so as to improve the overall competitiveness of the brand.

In order to fulfill the goal of brand internationalization, after the opening of the first outlet in Singapore, ZULIZ plans to increase its publicity and promotion efforts in overseas markets, strengthening its R&D and design strength, and continuously provide new products that meet the needs of overseas markets.

The fact that ZULIZ’s choice of Singapore as its first overseas destination fully reflects the brand’s acute insight into market trends and strategic vision. In the next few years, ZULIZ plans to open more outlets worldwide, gradually increasing its overseas market share, and is committed to letting more senior people enjoy a healthy and pleasant life, and winning more respect and recognition for products which are “Made in China“.

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