Engage, Enjoy, Experience: Avantree Releases Aria Pro SSD, World’s First Wireless ANC Headphones for Single-sided Deafness


SAN JOSE, Calif., Aug. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Avantronics Limited (“Avantree”), a global provider of niche wireless audio solutions, is empowering listeners to enjoy equal access to a better audio experience with the release of the Aria Pro SSD, the world’s first wireless Active Noise Cancelling (ANC) headphones for those living with single-sided deafness. The Aria Pro SSD is the only one of its kind worldwide that can mix the left and right channels into one dual-mono mode with just one click — allowing those with unilateral hearing to hear both channels from both earcups.

Avantree Aria Pro SSD, World’s First Wireless ANC Headphones for Single-sided Deafness
Avantree Aria Pro SSD, World’s First Wireless ANC Headphones for Single-sided Deafness

Designed for those living with single-sided deafness by someone who has walked in their shoes, the Aria Pro SSD is the brainchild of Avantree CEO Phoebe Yi. After first noticing her left ear had weaker hearing than her right during a Bluetooth headphone product testing three years ago, Phoebe brushed it off as an age-related degrade. However, once the COVID-19 lockdown hit, her condition quickly deteriorated. An MRI confirmed her worst fears: she had a benign tumor on her hearing nerve. Despite having the tumor successfully removed, Phoebe permanently lost hearing on her left side.

“As a normal person, you often take for granted the benefit that two ears give you. I only realized what this meant after I permanently lost one. When I was diagnosed with the tumor, my son said to me, ‘Mom, how ironic…your company is making devices for hearing impaired people. And now you are becoming one!’ This inspired me. I thought this must be my calling to do something useful for the hearing impaired and SSD community,” said Phoebe.

According to the WHO, nearly 2.5 billion people are projected to have some degree of hearing loss by 2050. Moreover, the American non-profit organization Hear-it estimates that nearly 60,000 people in the United States alone have some degree of unilateral hearing loss. Those with single-sided deafness face unique challenges, from not being able to locate a cellphone when it rings to missing particular instruments or parts of an audio file due to stereo separation between the headphone’s left and right channels.

Avantree’s Aria Pro SSD was designed specifically for these individuals and delivers crystal clear sound quality and a pure audio-visual listening experience, regardless of hearing impairment. Listeners can mix both the left and right audio channels together with a single switch to turn the headphones from a standard L/R stereo configuration to a dual mono mode headphone to ensure they don’t miss a beat. What’s more, audiophiles don’t need to compromise their listening experience: the Aria Pro SSD delivers superior “better-than-CD” sound quality with aptX-HD support for a well-balanced, amazingly detailed sound with dynamic bass.

The Aria Pro SSD also features ANC technology that reduces distracting low-frequency background noises, and a super comfortable foldable design with a professional protein earpad for more durability and comfort. For video conferencing, voice quality can be enhanced via the detachable flexible boom microphone to ensure impeccable voice quality.

The Aria Pro SSD is the latest product from Avantree, a company that is passionate about creating wireless audio devices that enhance people’s audio experiences by enabling them to thrive socially and emotionally. With a belief that everyone deserves to engage, enjoy and experience life to the fullest, Avantree addresses the needs of those who are often overlooked by most other wireless audio companies, such as those who don’t have “perfect” hearing.

The Aria Pro SSD is priced at $99.99. For more information, please visit the Avantree website.

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