Kalkine Pty Limited to launch its Kalkine IPO Research


SYDNEY, Sept. 1, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Kalkine Pty Limited is pleased to announce the launch of its ‘Kalkine IPO Research’ that provides coverage on a varied range of global IPOs. Companies are going public globally like never before- cashing in on the record-high prices. Amidst the strong global capital market momentum and ample liquidity, traditional IPOs have come back to the fore.

But what exactly is an IPO?

Initial Public offering or IPO refers to the process by which a private company can become a publicly traded company through its share sale to the public for the first time. IPOs allows a company to raise money from the public investor. Before applying for an IPO, every company must meet all the requirements laid down by the respective country’s exchange and securities market regulators.

The product suite under Kalkine IPO Research provides an in-depth analysis of the most popular and attractive IPOs waiting to hit the street. In addition, it analyses the fundamentals and the key risks associated with the IPOs. This analysis becomes critical in answering the most basic question in every investor’s mind- Does the IPO Offering look Attractive or Not?

Given this backdrop, Kalkine IPO Research provides insights through:

  1. Popular Offerings: The Kalkine IPO Research focuses on popular offerings being monitored closely by the market participants. The Research provides details of the issue price, lot size, float, and other subscription offerings.
  2. In-depth Analysis: Detailed analysis undertaken on the company’s fundamentals, including its past performance, earnings quality, equity dilution, management team, key risks, growth catalyst etc., for better decision making.
  3. The Attractiveness of the IPO: Through its comprehensive analysis, the Kalkine IPO Research provides insights on the attractiveness of an IPO. This report assists the investors in getting relevant insights for further analysis on soon-to-be-listed companies that may have a sound business model & decent potential outlook.

To summarize, Kalkine IPO Research is an easy to comprehend yet detailed analysis of the upcoming IPOs across the global markets. The research provides insights on businesses after carefully assessing sectoral trends, global demand and supply scenarios, fundamental analysis, outlook, potential, associated risks, etc. Please visit our website – www.kalkine.com.au for more details .

Contact details: honey.bhargava@kalkine.com.au


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