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KDEB Waste Management’s : Efficiency Unveiled

Since taking charge in 2016, KDEB Waste Management (KDEBWM) has revolutionised Selangor’s waste management. The company now handles 10,000 tons of waste daily. With unwavering commitment, KDEBWM utilises cutting-edge technology to enhance Selangor citizens’ quality of life through advanced solid waste management solutions. In an exclusive interview with International Business Review, Faisal Tuah, the Head of Technical & Equipment at KDEBWM, sheds light on the innovative technology and assets that drive the company’s exceptional efficiency.

A Centralised Network

First and foremost, it is essential to reveal the core of KDEBWM’s operations: the Centralised Command Centre (CCC). Manned by highly trained personnel, the CCC plays a pivotal role in enabling KDEBWM to monitor the turnaround time for waste collection and public cleansing services comprehensively. Moreover, Faisal stated that it also serves as a valuable platform for aggregating and analysing feedback received from the public. We will look at this in more detail as we go through the cutting-edge technologies available on the company’s impressive fleet size of 1,113 trucks.

“KDEBWM enforces a checklist that its subcontractors must adhere to and ensure all systems are operational before starting their waste collection routes.”– Faisal Tuah, Head of Technical & Equipment at KDEB Waste Management

Traceability is Key

Each vehicle is equipped with a Vehicle Monitoring System (VMS) that enables KDEBWM to monitor them in real-time, ensuring timely waste collections. “Information from each truck’s VMS is beamed to the CCC, which allows for comprehensive tracking, detecting not only the truck’s location but also its speed, movements and stops. This data is transmitted to the CCC every minute while the vehicles’ engines are running and every hour when the engines are turned off,” said Faisal. If a truck remains stationary for more than 15 minutes, the system triggers an “excess idling” alert, prompting KDEBWM to investigate and resolve the
situation quickly and efficiently.

This level of tracking facilitates better route optimisation and ensure that each vehicle does not wander off its designated operational areas. This in turn, leads to efficient waste collection, reduced fuel consumption, and overall operational costs. Additionally, the VMS aids KDEBWM in verifying any complaints the CCC receives regarding vehicle behaviour,
such as excessive speeding or accidents during
waste collection.

Seeing is Believing

KDEBWM’s lorries are equipped with rear camera systems to assist drivers in navigating through traffic and tight spaces, ensuring safe and efficient waste collection. This system can be activated independently of the gear the vehicle is currently in.

Some trucks also feature CCTVs that provide live footage to the CCC, which acts as a security feature to deter theft and vandalism. Faisal also added that these cameras also serve to confirm incidents of illegal dumping or improper waste disposal, giving KDEBWM the evidence needed to take appropriate actions against perpetrators.

Reduced Wear and Tear

Each vehicle in KDEBWM’s fleet is equipped with automatic greasing systems, ensuring that moving parts such as the hydraulic arms are self-lubricated every 10 hours. If the truck is turned off before the 10 hours are up, the greasing cycle would resume once the truck has been restarted. With an automated system like this, it optimises maintenance efficiency and reduces wear and tear of each vehicle.

These advancements play a vital role in ensuring efficient waste collection services for Selangor residents. KDEB Waste Management assured to International Business Review that it is committed to continuous improvement and aims to elevate waste management in Selangor to even greater heights in the future.

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