LittleLives and Global Embassy Partner to Instill Digital Transformation in Schools


HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, Aug. 27, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — LittleLives, a school management system based in Singapore continues to partner with various organisations around the world to provide value and services to its schools and stakeholders. A key enabler of these capabilities is a strategic partnership with Global Embassy, an organisation consisting of a network of education professionals to empower schools to engage with digital transformation, enhance the quality of education and improve the welfare of teachers, parents and students.

With the ongoing lockdowns in countries such as Malaysia and Vietnam, LittleLives has seen a tremendous growth in schools adopting new technologies to help with their operations in the new norm; from attendance taking at home to supporting online learning. With demands from parents to ensure undisrupted learning at home, LittleLives also provided various solutions and resources to enhance home-and-school relationships.

Sharing his vision for the partnership, Arjuna Raj, Chief Strategy Officer of LittleLives said, “We are excited to partner with Global Embassy to assist and digitally transform more schools in Vietnam, and continue to create meaningful partnerships with other companies.”

This collaboration also marks a pioneering step in which LittleLives adapts its solutions such as facial recognition technology and multipurpose communications module to accommodate the unique needs and trends in Vietnam schools, but more importantly, creates a platform to further develop the early childhood education in Vietnam for the community to strive in a safe, responsive, resilient and nurturing environment.

As LittleLives continues to grow and produce valuable and cutting-edge technology for schools, it seeks like-minded companies and organisations to help change the way schools operate – to be more adaptable, efficient and effective – yet never neglecting the human touch in operational and administrative processes in schools.

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