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Natalie Chew: Head of Marketing and Branding, Sunview Group Berhad

“Although I learned and brought a lot to the table from my first marketing position at a bank, working at Sunview has given me an entirely different set of opportunities. As the Head of Marketing and Branding at Sunview Group Berhad (Sunview), apart from building the company’s value, the position also serves as an extension for me to embody other roles like customer champion, entrepreneur, brand setter, and market researcher. Additionally, I am also afforded the chance to develop a more entrepreneurial mindset as I work directly under the CEO.

Since the company’s transformation from an SME to a public listed company, it brought forth opportunities and new experiences that allowed for me to grow exponentially that I may not be able to enjoy from my nine years of corporate life. I enjoy working in Sunview because through this renewable energy solution provider company, I found a great sense of accomplishment in my role. My satisfaction stems from the fact that I am empowered to make decisions that effectively enhance the overall marketing strategy, I get to work in an innovative and dynamic environment all while building other specialised skillsets especially in the realm of digitalisation.

Wherever you go, there are always challenges that needs to be overcome. It all comes down to how you choose to tackle it and as a marketer in Sunview, I’m constantly changing challenges into opportunities which enables me to overcome them. For example, in order to create a healthy company brand so that Sunview is seen, noticed, and considered in the highest esteem in our highly competitive renewable energy sector, I know I need to drive more leads generation to help boost business activities. This process continues on as more challenges come down the line and I turn them into opportunities to earn a better market reach.

When applying digitalisation as well as corporate governance for marketing and communications that align with Sunview’s environmental, social, and governance (ESG) goals to the process, a marketing strategy can be formed that creates a sustainable content plan. Armed with a good content, digital strategy, and the support of my team, I can explore a new direction that would set us apart from our competitors thus, increasing Sunview’s market presence even more.

It’s important to remember that as we face challenges, we don’t let a bump on the road stop us from viewing it as an opportunity to grow. You learn to enjoy challenges as they come because you’ve learned that once you go through that initial difficulty, you can enjoy the benefits from overcoming it.

I want to create a lasting impact as my legacy. In the future, I hope I can be an exceptional Chief of Marketing in a regional-based company, that will give me the opportunity to explore other markets and countries. I can see this happening with Sunview as we are currently exploring new markets. I also want to continue doing positive and impactful work as well as influence others to continue moving forward wherever I’m going. Though I’ve only been with Sunview for a short time – a little over half a year, I feel like I have grown into the role. Of course, I’m still navigating the ins and outs of the business while growing the marketing and business beat together. There is much to learn and it’s all very exciting.”

Natalie Chew Head of Marketing and Branding, Sunview Group Berhad

“This role has allowed me to
continue to execute an insightful
and adaptable strategic approach
and subsequently, create the
healthy and vibrant brand of
Sunview Group Berhad”
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