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NOOR AZILA AHMAD: Deputy General Manager of Yayasan PKT.

 “In every organisation, there are the visionaries and drivers who work their magic in various industries and International Business Review has had the privilege of speaking with them and telling their stories.

However, there are hidden gems in every company – big or small – who stay behind the scenes but wield considerable power by being the nucleus of all the necessary operations.

From positioning the senior management to ensuring the company receives positive reporting by various channels and engaging with the rakyat to let them know how the company has their best interests at heart… they are everywhere and work tirelessly for the company’s future and their bosses. These are the Hidden Gems.

For this edition, we introduce Noor Azila Ahmad, Deputy General Manager of Yayasan PKT.

Job satisfaction can be many things for many people. For me, job satisfaction is that I can work independently. It challenges me to become a better person so that win or lose, fail or triumph, it is all me. It is absolutely the best way to learn to be better in your job while creating a sense of resilience, that then helps you in every other aspect of life.

My 27 years of experience in various fields has taught me that challenges are the same in all industries and you solve them by knowing how to handle people. It can be your boss or your staff, you just need to be observant and learn about the people you’re working with. When the time comes, you will know how to tackle any problem that walks through your front door.

I started my career as a lecturer in Kolej Tunku Abdul Rahman in Kampar, Perak. I never stopped being a teacher – mentoring and nurturing is in my blood. Then and now. And that’s why I find Yayasan PKT the perfect place for me to give my all to both the students and staff.

Even as the Deputy General Manager, I constantly learn new things from the younger generation. And I love this never ending learning that the corporate world imparts.

If there is a legacy I can leave behind for the future generation, it is to be independent in the way they think and act. To be pro-active and take the lead in decision making , and not just rely on authority figures. To be both street smart and book smart. And to tell them that we never stop learning.”

NOOR AZILA AHMAD, Deputy General Manager of Yayasan PKT.

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