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Dr. Anna Hoo, Managing Director and Founder of Anna Hoo Clinic

The human race is filled with passion. Medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.

Immense joy. Fulfillment.
Admiration. Desire. Love. Conviction.

Everyone has that one thing that ignites these compelling emotions in them.
An activity, a topic or purpose that fully engages them and takes them through an immersive journey throughout their lifetimes. That one thing that they are most passionate about in life.

Passion inspires the common man and woman to go above and beyond and in many instances, fuels them to live better lives and become the best versions
of themselves.

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Managing Director and Founder of Anna Hoo Clinic

“Reversing aging is impossible only if you give up.”

“I grew up in a clinical setting for most of my life, a revolving door of patients being tended to by doctors tasked to help them get better. Then, doing practice years down the road, I encountered a patient who had undergone aesthetic treatment, the results of which did not meet her standards. In that moment, when I listened to her story, I was struck with clarity and the realization that beauty, or the desire to look younger, was not merely skin deep. One can be deeply and pyschologically affected by it.

My passion into the reversal of aging is in part also a deep desire for knowledge. Since
time immemorial, humans have been fixated with the concept of immortality. There’s a treasure trove of research to draw on to see how far we have gotten to conquer the very idea of mortality.

That said, I feel there’s a lot of ‘expectations’ of what is ‘normal’ that we would need to overcome first. Here I am, offering aesthetic medical care, but that’s not the full picture. I don’t stop at helping my clients meet their desired physical appearance – their mental well-being is a critical part to truly helping them ‘reverse aging’, so to speak.

There is a general unwillingness to discuss how our emotional state affects us in other aspects of our lives. I want us to challenge those expectations, because we can always know ourselves better, and we can always improve, both inside and out. I feel that’s part of the reason why we tend to see many more male clients: they’ve come to realize we offer more than just the veneer of perfection for the sake of vanity; we offer them a life changing transformation. I want to help people capture that drive for live, their raison d’etre. When you don’t stop wanting and are willing to give it your all, that is the point you ‘stop aging’.”

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