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Fione To and Jenny Toh, Directors of Celeste Beauty

The human race is filled with passion. Medicine, law, business, engineering, these are noble pursuits and necessary to sustain life. But poetry, beauty, romance, love, these are what we stay alive for.

Immense joy. Fulfillment.
Admiration. Desire. Love. Conviction.

Everyone has that one thing that ignites these compelling emotions in them.
An activity, a topic or purpose that fully engages them and takes them through an immersive journey throughout their lifetimes. That one thing that they are most passionate about in life.

Passion inspires the common man and woman to go above and beyond and in many instances, fuels them to live better lives and become the best versions
of themselves.

In People & Their Passions, International Business Review features elite personalities like you’ve never seen them before as they share their hobbies, interests and biggest passions in life. Join us as we celebrate living life to the hilt with them.

Fione To and Jenny Toh

Directors Of Celeste Beauty

“The beauty you see in the mirror is a reflection of your health.”

“When you work in the beauty industry, you need to look and be the part. You cannot convince your customers of what they need to do, if they cannot see that in you. So my mother and I work out and keep fit as an integral part of the business we are in.

It’s a habit that grows on you. It may be hard to start and sustain. Once you have made it a routine though, it becomes a part of your life – something you look forward to. However, when you love dressing up like I do, keeping fit becomes the foundation of it all.

“My mom started the business but it was mostly a hairdressing salon at that time. I loved make-up and finding ways of making people prettier, so I was in a hurry to join mom at the business. She told me that she would handle the hairdressing part and I could do everything else, so that is how Celeste is managed now. I oversee all elements of beauty, and she manages the hairstyling department.” – Fione

“My journey with working out and keeping fit began with a need to keep my hypertension at bay and enhance my health, but it developed, as Fione says, into a routine that makes me feel and look good from inside out. Exercise is the basic key to everything – good skin, great hair, clear mindset and even a positive outlook. The rest, Celeste can enhance. We help the glow grow.” – Jenny

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