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Muhammad Haziq Faris – CEO, Reka Inisiatif

Resilience and Growth Empowered Through Local Talent

Thanks to its conducive technology policies, Malaysia presents a wealth of opportunities for local tech entrepreneurs looking to connect with ASEAN’s 655 million population. One company that has ambitions to do just that is REKA Inisiatif, an R&D company specialising in autonomous processes which boost productivity. CEO, Muhammad Haziq Faris, speaks more about the company and its plans for the future.

When it comes to R&D in the tech space, one of the biggest challenges in Malaysia stems from a culture and ecosystem that depends on the import of technology from foreign countries. REKA was established as a way for us to sustain the development of locally built technologies.

When we first started out, we were no different from majority of the companies within the industry – focused on developing software, mobile applications, websites and the like. Today, we differentiate ourselves as a research and development company, working to create a better way of solving some of the world’s problems.

We stand out through our efforts in empowering local talents with opportunities to express themselves creatively. Inculcated in our culture is a mindset to rely less on one-size-fit-all solutions and more on the science of it all.

This means taking a scientific approach to problem solving – by first looking into the essence of the problem before suggesting or developing solutions to the problem.

Relying on a diverse spectrum of local talents – all expert in their respective fields – has enabled us to overcome many significant challenges, such as with the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to border restrictions, where other companies struggled with the sudden shortage of talent, we flourished and grew due to the foundation laid in our early stages.

Growth through Service

2021 marks our eighth year in operation as we transition into a more service-oriented organisation. Capitalising on the accumulation of insights, trends and methodologies built up over time, we will begin rolling out several products in the pipeline; the first of which includes our proprietary web-based platform that leverages data analytics to provide data visualisation capabilities to help organisations make informed decisions.

Our second product is a collaboration with Murata, a Japanese manufacturing company, to develop audience sensor networks for smart cities. This has the potential for a host of real world applications such as providing advertisers, law enforcement agencies and relevant stakeholders with information on human and vehicle traffic hotspots.

Last but not least, we will be intensifying development for autonomous vehicles to address demand for the safer transportation of goods in business-to-business industries particularly in the manufacturing and agricultural sectors.

As ever, our mission remains: to enable people to create by simplifying that creation process.”

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