Thursday, February 22, 2024

Tun Ahmad Sarji Abdul Hamid – Former Chief Secretary to the Malaysian Government

When Tun Sarji speaks you listen, because your fascinated mind  compels you to. Soft-spoken, measured and erudite, his knowledge and expertise encompass a spectrum of topics. he cuts an authoritative presence and earns due reverence… respect that is sincerely  reciprocated. A voracious reader, he is a student of history, driven by fine  aesthetics, a patron of sports, and an  avid golfer – though ‘avid’ is perhaps  an understatement when applied to the  Chairman of Professional Golf Malaysia.

He brings power to the equation.  A former Chief Secretary to the Government with a 35-year civil service career, he has rubbed shoulders with the nation’s most influential people… and they with him, such is his standing both then and now.

 Aside from a wealth of know-how, Tun Sarji unfurls thoughtful reflections on all aspects of life; warm memories of novels  read and enjoyed, quotes which have  influenced him, the burning passion  of witnessing wickets-taken, 9th-hole  drives or a striker’s goal. you will invite him for his gravitas, wisdom,  and to be in the presence of a true  Malaysian icon… and in-keeping with  his humility, Tun will likely downplay  the fanfare with warmth and class,  despite the recognition being richly  deserved.

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