Friday, April 19, 2024

Tunku Mohamed Alauddin Tunku Naquiyuddin

The 21st Century marks a turning of the tide when it comes to the perception of the word ‘royalty’. Yes, the protocols and formalities are all still in place, but those of blue-blooded lineage are becoming more accessible, more endearing to a public who adore them. Tunku Alauddin, commanding in his usually-Armani suit, possesses an amiable nature influenced by his father, 

HRH Tunku Naquiyuddin. He is a royal with business purpose, as the wedge of diversely-embossed name-cards depict; Executive Director at Antah Healthcare Group, Director of Artisan Cellars in Singapore, Head of the SMGB Group and the Executive Director of Guardian Bedrock, which is involved in iron ore, trading and investments in Pahang, Johor and Kedah. 

The thrust of these corporate ventures, business-results aside, “is to forge a legacy for my daughters, just as my father did for us, which they can also build upon and evolve”. 

He’ll roar with laughter at a joke, ask about the cricket score, talk with verve about the stock market or how his family officially hosted Nelson Mandela, yet he’s a distinguished man who walks with Kings, but never loses the common touch. 

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