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There is a lot of political correctness these days on almost everything.

It seems to have happened slowly over the last twenty years and accelerated over the last 5 years into an almost mindless cacophony of nonsense. In the Western hemisphere there are things like critical race theory where they teach kids in classrooms about white privilege, which is to me in itself a form of racism (singling out any one race and making them apologise for being born in that skin is the worst kind of racism), multiple gender pronouns for the supposedly 107 genders that insanity has decided to impose on us (as far back as I know there are only two genders – male and female, based on the genitals they are born with ) and this is now alarmingly being taught in universities and schools in a level of importance as mathematics, a social credit system where you get cancelled if you don’t repeat the given narratives that suit all of the above.

You get transgenders and drag queens going into schools and talking about sexuality and sex acts to kindergarten kids, and parents having no say in this, because the state decides it knows better than parents how to raise the child. The division between parent and child is being butchered with the parent being relegated to spending money raising a state-owned little person and nothing more.

It seems like a slow spiral into a confused human society where we lose our grasp of sanity and reality and whatever was good. The beginning of the end of humanity as we know it.

I have never been happier to not live in Europe or the United States than in these times. We still seem to have our heads screwed a little firmer on our shoulders than them – we still know that a man is a man and a woman is a woman and we are ok if some people want to be neither or think the grass is greener on the other side or want to play on both sides, just don’t force us to memorise gender pronouns and partake in some newfangled fantasy.

The reason this fad has not yet overwhelmed Asians, though our students from foreign universities try very hard to convince us otherwise, is that our families are still close knit, we still respect our elders and we hold fast to our religions. So, it’s hard to break us but it’s not for a lack of trying through their strongholds in universities they own, media they own, Hollywood and Disney movie propaganda, and celebrities who are paid to spin the narratives through their social media. It may be a losing battle with all the clout that they have but being aware that nonsense is nonsense can help us win the battle.

This is where older people who can compare the spiraling madness that is happening now with an era where things were vastly different in a way much better way, are basically the game changers.

They call out the bluff, they stand their ground and they teach their children to stay grounded. They believe in virtues and a sense of spirituality that seems to be lost in this new generation. You see, they have context of a different world and know the difference between natural and social engineering.

Thereby the drive to make older people insignificant.

Humanity is made to feel afraid of ageing, like it is something to fear, and to fight against. Think of all the skincare and health supplements that scream ‘anti-aging’ as their main slogan.

The workforce is made to retire after 55 years while politicians run the country at ripe old ages of 80 plus. If you are too old to contribute to the workforce due to a number, how can you be capable of running a country at an older age?

Advertisements and imaging are always positioned to kids and teenagers and create a sense of perception that youth is what matters. Older is associated with feeble and clueless.

Words are spells, and subtle psychology that tells you that you are over the hill, its time you ‘slow down’, and that you can’t do this or that because you are now a certain age works on us and gets the older folks out of the system insidiously.

We see a new culture of indoctrinating the youth to follow a new way of thinking and being, without interference from the older generation who can see with clarity the dangers of a global indoctrination that makes youth weak and confused.

Ageism exists, as much as racism exists.  Avoid that trap. Our souls are timeless and ageless.

And we are our souls, not our bodies.

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