Wednesday, July 24, 2024

Empathy & The Eco-Cow

The Eco-Cow is an animal that no longer needs to eat by mouth, because everything that is needed goes directly into the stomach. All in the name of net zero carbon emission.

The cow is surgically fitted with a cannula. A large porthole kind of thing on the side of the stomach, where men come and put their hands in and out to take things in and out of its stomach. They also put rods in there and pump things in.

Apparently, it is to perform research and analysis of the digestive system and allow veterinarians to transplant rumen contents from one cow to another. To emit less gas.

Watching the video where a man puts his whole hand inside the cow’s stomach and rummage around it, while the cow stands there perplexed and resigned to its fate, just made me sick.

I highly doubt there is any real reason to do that besides the fact that a lot of people are just highly sadistic, perverted, disturbed in the head and mean-spirited.

Many of these people are in places of authority, allowing and normalising such horrific things to take place by using fancy terms such as ‘research and science’. They are as much science as rubbing blinding, burning liquids to rabbit’s eyes done in laboratories just to see if these might be harmful as body lotions, or to test eyeshadows. It is as dumb as catching frogs and rats, half anaesthetising them (or not) and allowing children with rusty knives to open them up as classroom hacks to see what is inside their body. We learnt absolutely nothing, let me tell you.

We are slowly being numbed to gore, violence and pain and suffering to fellow human beings and the fellow animals we inhabit this world with. Think of all the computer games you have played – 95% of them is about allowing young kids the joy of shooting, killing and maiming other life in the pursuit of collecting points. Not one of them is about healing life or showing compassion or kindness. It is all violence & death.

Movies with nonstop violence have mild warnings. Sex though is considered the biggest evil that people cannot watch. Lovemaking between two consenting adults is considered very bad, bare flesh is taboo, but gore and violence is A-ok. It is almost as if we are kept repressed from what is natural to us, our bodies and sex, but made to embrace what is NOT natural to us – killing, maiming, hating and fearing.

There is no money to be gained if repressed people do not subscribe to porn because they are forbidden to be allowed to have sex which comes natural to even animals.

There is no money to be gained if people were disgusted with violence, division and killing because then people would not subscribe to the meat industry and would not agree to their governments using taxpayers’ money to fund endless wars that have no meaning to their ordinary lives.

The Eco-Cow is all that is wrong with the world.

Our lack of empathy for the hapless Eco-Cow is just a window to the madness that will engulf this world if we don’t stop this disturbing trend from spiraling out of control.

We already have Planned Parenthood in the USA that uses a lot of media propaganda to goad young women into believing that killing unborn babies is their right. “My body, my choice’ they say, but they are paid to get their babies aborted instead of using contraception, and the whole under story of how aborted fetuses are farmed for placenta and stem cell don’t get coverage in mainstream media.

Connect the dots.

If we cannot empathise with the poor Eco-Cows, we will become the next Eco-Cows, and there will be humans supporting the abuse of other humans because they cannot empathise anymore.

Hey, we now even have EctoLife – which produces customised babies with the help of artificial wombs, creepily growing them in baby-pods, just like in The Matrix.

We are being numbed to the rising horrors by having empathy removed from us.  We unwittingly cheer ourselves to extinction in the name of technology, which is coldly and calculatingly replacing us.

Empathy, Kindness, Love, Compassion, Decency, Courage, Independence, Intelligence.

Bring Them Back Fast.

Let’s Reclaim Humanity.

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