Happiness Is…Being An Eternal Soul


If happiness is a state of mind as we are often told, then getting old is a state of mind too.

You see, our soul is ageless, timeless and eternal. It is energy that can never be destroyed or created. It has existed since time immemorial and all souls are part of an infinite consciousness. As the wise Native Americans said, “We are all connected.”

Our bodies may age and may have a finite life span, but our soul is ageless.

Ageing souls accelerate the ageing of the body and we degenerate faster because we think we should.

We, as humans are very susceptible to the power of suggestion. This is the basis of what advertisements are made up of – to suggest to people that they are not good enough in some way or other so they will buy whatever is being peddled as a ‘solution’.

This is rampant in the healthcare industry too – instead of simple natural ways of getting better, we are constantly told that Drug A or Drug B or Drug C or a combination of all drugs are needed to keep you healthy. Fear of dying or incapacitation is played up until many people especially the elderly take literally handfuls of pills ranging from cholesterol, to pressure to blood thinners to anti-depression to laxatives and more as a daily supplement just to exist. These drugs in themselves create a host of other problems and the vicious cycle of drug dependence continues.

Is there a better way than being constantly drugged to oblivion? Can we look at how our natural immunity is the strongest ally we have and diagnose symptoms and root causes of discomfort more intelligently and understand how we can use that to overcome illness and with less cost?

How about analysing how mindset and good clean food, clear of processed foods, pesticide, canned goods with chemicals can vastly improve our health, mind and the ageing process?

It’s a no brainer actually, its just there is no political will from leaders to do what is best for their citizens who elect them. We could organise the whole world to roll out vaccines at the drop of a hat and ensure everyone gets 2 – 3 doses  (even 4 -6 even when it seems previous vaccinations don’t seem to work against what they were supposed to be vaccinated against) and wear masks so systematically, and increase taxes on citizens but they never do seem to have the political will to get medical care reduced to bare minimum, reduce inflation, reduce banks’s ridiculously high interest rates, or inculcate an education system that actually benefit the students like getting them to understand why taxes are paid and how to pay them, how to grow organic food at their backyards and build their own houses.

I can see the world for what it is because I have lived long enough. Because at 50, you get wiser, smarter, sharper and a part of your brain that has been so bent on keeping your head down and doing the daily bump and grind to get through life starts to wake up and look around and see with clarity what it missed when it was younger.

This is precisely when they start to take you out of the workforce and out of life. You are supposed to be archaic and move out of the way for the younger ones to lead. The younger ones who have been indoctrinated by subliminal forms of control and cannot yet see through the fog.

They may use technology better but they are not wiser. They are controlled by the technology they use whereas the older folks are watching a world they have built, slowly being destroyed and coming apart by too much technology that is replacing people faster than they can actually comprehend.

To fade the old ones gently into the night, there is constant suggestion that you must slowly give up, that you are frail, weak…. you cannot do this or that.

Don’t listen to them, listen to your eternally young soul instead. You are ageless and timeless because you are not your body. You are your soul.


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