Friday, February 23, 2024

Wag The Dog

‘The tail wags the dog’ has always been one of my pet phrases – pun intended. It sort of defines a lot of what we suffer in this world.

‘The tail wags the dog’ is a phrase that means something small is creating the main issue. The dog will normally wag its tail, yes? Not the tail that wags the dog, yes? Because the tail does not have the power to wag the dog, the tail being a small and insignificant part of the dog’s body, whereas the whole of the dog is the main protagonist. Similarly, in this world, what we see, is not always what we see, because a small group of people, are most of the time, rocking the boat.

Take for example wars. Very often wars are not really about two countries hating each other and wanting to destroy the population of both countries. Wars are created by a small yet powerful group of people who orchestrate an entire plot step by step to convince the world that a war is needed and get the consent and buy-in of entire populations using propaganda tools like various mainstream media channels and entertainment industries.

War benefits nobody. Nobody. From World War 1 to World War 2 to the various many wars in the Middle East and Africa and now Europe, none of these wars were created by the common man. They were all created by war-mongering politicians who generally probably sit at the same table and are the best of friends behind closed doors, laughing at how much chaos they are creating, and how much money and power is being shifted to them, and less to the people, by these constant wars.

You cannot have a war, however, without an army of young men who are willing to die for a cause. If every single one of us say no to war and say no, I refuse to kill another human being for your interests, there will be no wars to fight. The guys on top will not have a reason to put their fingers into billions of taxpayers’ money to fund wars and will instead be forced to use it for better reasons like free healthcare and housing. Who benefits from the entire military complex but the very few who are pretending to run offices on behalf of the people but actually are crony capitalists who own various elements of the military industry – from reconnaissance, to military industrial set ups to military armaments to war time transport, logistics and housing?

To manipulate people into thinking it is THEIR war too, hatred and division is whipped up amongst the masses until it becomes a frenzy of fear against ‘the other man’. We then give our permission for the guys on top to go out and orchestrate more carnage on our fellow human beings.

This is achieved beautifully and cohesively by getting all the media channels to continuously drum out, day in and day out, fearful stories that twist gullible people into thinking there is way much more than what there really is. Monsters are created when there are none. Lies are forged into weapons of mass destruction that penetrate brains and hearts of people who don’t know any better, and make them paralysed with anger and fear so that they need a Big Brother, any Big Brother to ‘protect’ them from things they never needed to be protected from in the first place.

Common boogeymen are religion, race, ‘dictators’.  And the tail keeps wagging the dog.

All we people want is just to be happy. We are born with love for the other person. Love for animals. Love for nature. Love that transcends all base fears because we innately know we are bigger than all this. We can achieve world peace just like that, in a snap of the fingers.

It takes just one realisation – We are the dogs. We cannot let the tail wag us.

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