Tuesday, April 16, 2024

First Impressions Matter!

Who would you be more willing to listen to: the man in the sharp suit, or the shabby unkempt one?

Mind Blown: Dale Chihuly’s Glass Sculptures

Through Dale Chihuly’s works, get a sense of wonder for the malleability of glass.

On a Heritage Trail: Masjid Jamek Sultan Ibrahim, Muar

Explore but one microcosm of Malaysia’s rich history in Muar, through Masjid Jamek Sultan Ibrahim.

Amaterasu: The Sun Goddess

Read how Japan captures the divine nature of the sun through their goddess Amaterasu.

Bright and Beautiful

Interior decorating is an art, as Kelly Hoppen, Member of the Order of the British Empire, shows.

Prometheus: The Fire Thief

The gift of fire is a hard-earned one, as told through the tale of Prometheus.

Interior Inspirations

The house of porcelain throne need not simply remain an afterthought.

Draupadi: The Woman Created From Fire

Bear witness to the tales of Draupadi’s unquenchable spirit.

Outdoor Water Walls: Providing Calmness and Serenity

Close your eyes, and let the calming sounds of water wash over you.

Dong Mingzhu: Cool Head, Strong Will

Gree Electric’s Dong Mingzhu proves she can sell ice to Eskimos.

Karen Agustiawan: More Than A Survivor

The energy sector - indeed, the world at large - will know Karen Agustiawan by name.

Chua Sock Koong: Singapore Calling

SingTel would not remain confined to Singapore - Chua Sock Koong saw to that.