Friday, February 23, 2024

Interview with Dr Ayesha Khanna, ADDO AI Co-founder and CEO

The ASEAN digital economy is now worth more than US$100 billion! But how can businesses and governments in ASEAN work together to further enhance the region’s digital landscape and improve efficiency and the ease of doing business?

That’s what Dr Ayesha Khanna – the co-founder and CEO of AI solutions firm and incubator ADDO AI will expound on at the Global Business Forum ASEAN (GBF ASEAN), which will be held in Dubai on 8 and 9 December.

Organised by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry, GBF ASEAN aims at driving trade and exploring opportunities between the Gulf region and ASEAN. As an official media partner to Dubai Chamber, we are pleased to bring to you exclusive interviews with some of the distinguished personalities who are scheduled to speak at GBF ASEAN.

And we start the ball rolling as Beatrice chats with the fascinating Dr Ayesha Khanna on her experience in the world of AI and technology, and gives a sneak preview of her presentation at GBF ASEAN.

Don’t miss it!

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