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QC Ware Announces 3rd Q2B Tokyo Conference, Focusing on the Roadmap to Quantum Value in Asia and Beyond

QC Ware to bring Q2B conference to Tokyo & Asia for a third time, connecting the global and Asian quantum computing ecosystems and bringing together quantum industry experts across computing, telecommunications, sensing, finance, automotive and more.

PALO ALTO, Calif. and TOKYO, June 24, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — QC Ware, a leading provider of industry-disrupting quantum and quantum-inspired machine learning and chemistry simulation solutions, today announced the third edition of its Q2B Tokyo Conference, to take place on July 24-25, 2024.

Q2B24 Paris: The Roadmap to Quantum Value

The conference, which will be held at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo, will dive deep into all major quantum technologies and themes: computing, sensing, communications/security, error correction, quantum AI, HPC integration and more. Attendees can expect to see featured keynotes, industry case studies and discussions led by experts at the forefront of quantum R&D from some of the world’s leading businesses and institutions across government, academia, and Fortune 100 companies.

“Our team is always super excited to be back in Tokyo for Q2B, especially given the strength of the Japanese quantum ecosystem and its willingness to attract the attention of an already captivated international community,” said QC Ware CEO Matt Johnson. “The quantum computing ecosystem in Asia, and specifically in Japan, is incredibly vibrant and exciting, and the work undertaken to directly and indirectly create that environment cannot be overstated.”

Through keynotes, business seminars, breakout sessions, technical workshops, and panel discussions, attendees at Q2B Tokyo will be able to learn about the latest hardware breakthroughs and applications in optimization, chemistry simulations, pharmaceutical and materials discovery, error correction and machine learning. Additionally, the conference will feature several panels and sessions from real-world practitioners, end users and experts across industries. Notable speakers include:

  • Jay Gambetta – IBM Fellow, VP IBM Quantum, IBM
  • Takuya Kitagawa – President, QuEra Computing Inc.
  • Stephen Jordan – Research Scientist, Google Quantum AI
  • Yu-ichiro Matsushita – CEO, Quemix
  • Kenji Kikuchi – Solution Expert, Keysight Technologies
  • D. Eng. Yunoki Seiji – Team Leader, RIKEN
  • Nash Palaniswamy – Chief Commercial Officer, Quantinuum
  • Prof. Synge Todo – Professor, University of Tokyo

Q2B is dedicated to promoting and growing the quantum technologies ecosystem. One exciting component of the conference is the start-up track, which includes a pitch competition and a “New Faces” panel. The pitch competition, organized by QAI Ventures, will offer the winner a golden ticket to the QAI Ventures speed dating event. This can lead to participation in the early-stage quantum tech startup QAI Accelerator and an investment up to CHF 200k. The New Faces panel will showcase new and exciting companies in their Q2B debut.

Finally, leaders charting the future of quantum technology adoption will deliver sessions on recent advancements in the field, including:

  • Masaru Watabiki – Senior Expert, Toshiba Digital Solutions Corporation
  • Carmen Palacios – Founder & CEO, Nu Quantum
  • Itamar Sivan – CEO & Co founder, Quantum Machines
  • Dr. Manoj Stanley – Senior Scientist, National Physical Laboratory, UK
  • Yoshitaka Haribara – Sr. Startup ML/Quantum Solutions Architect, Amazon Web Services Japan
  • Gao Qi – Senior Chief Scientist, Mitsubishi
  • Masahiro Horibe – Deputy Director, AIST/G-QuAT
  • Pierre Desjdardins – Co-founder and CEO, C12
  • Dr. Shintaro Sato – Head of Quantum Lab, Fujitsu Research
  • Pr. Naoki Yamamoto – Keio University Computing Center
  • Bruno Sanglé Férriere – CEO, Carrousel Digital
  • Lute Maleki – CEO, OEWaves
  • Steve Suarez – Founder & CEO, HorizonX Consulting

There will be plenty to see on the exhibit floor with a number of vendors showcasing their latest advancements in quantum technologies, including: Keysight, Quantinuum, QuEra Computing, Quemix, PsiQuantum, Q-CTRL, Strangeworks, Qedma, Classiq, C12, Pasqal, Oxford Quantum Circuits, AWS, Equal1, Norma, Carrousel Digital, and more.

Register to attend Q2B 2024 Tokyo here.

About QC Ware

QC Ware is a leading software and services company at the forefront of quantum and classical computing. Our team includes some of the industry’s top experts in machine learning and chemistry applications for near-term quantum computers and high-performance classical systems. We deliver real enterprise value with cutting-edge computational technology, providing innovative solutions that drive business success. QC Ware is headquartered in Palo Alto, California, and supports its European customers through its subsidiary in Paris and customers in Asia through its business development office in Tokyo, Japan. QC Ware also organizes Q2B, a global series of conferences for industry, practitioner, and academic quantum computing communities.

Media Contact: info@qcware.com

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