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Güler Sabanci: The Pride of a Dynasty

Born into the esteemed Sabanci family, one of Turkey’s most influential business dynasties, Güler Sabanci has adeptly navigated her way to the forefront of global business circles with her exceptional leadership and commitment to social responsibility.

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There is a Chinese saying that wealth begins to diminish by the third generation. The Sabanci family – one of Turkey’s most prestigious dynasties – may beg to differ. Since 2004, when Güler Sabanci took over the family company founded by her grandfather in 1926, Sabanci Holdings’ business has increased significantly. Already Turkey’s largest financial group and second largest conglomerate, the Güler-led Sabanci Holdings has also expanded its operations overseas in a bid to extend its reach. Even before she was made Chairperson, Sabanci led the way for partnerships with major European companies. These were more than just a normal joint-venture, as she persuaded them to allow for the ‘Sabancinisation’ of their names, resulting in Dusa (Dupont) and Carrefoursa (Carrefour). It was an inspired strategic move which reinforced the reputation of the Sabanci name in Turkish society. Having consolidated Sabanci Holdings during the 2009 recession, Güler Sabanci has shown that while Turkey may still be a man’s world, a woman’s touch is taking its pride and joy to the world.

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