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As one of the most important spaces in the home, bathrooms deserve all the attention they can get, and a way to personalise and add a touch of glamour is by highlighting the walls. VOICE OF ASIA highlights the easiest ways to do this, with stone, wood and tiles.

Textural Brilliance

Add some ‘rest’ in your restroom with the rustic, relaxing ambiance of rough stonewalls. They provide a natural, ecofriendly and long-lasting milieu that looks contemporarily luxurious and unique. Whether on all the walls, halfway or just one emphasised, stonewalls add large doses of class to any bathroom.

With myriad styles available—from river and lava rocks to dark granite and natural fieldstone—the possibilities of the bathroom you can create is almost endless. A neutral
and natural stonewall can form an accented backdrop that adds resilience and a textural brilliance, while sandstone and limestone can add a feel of the Mediterranean to your bathroom.

For added highlights and elegance, include some pieces of solid wood furniture in strategic locations, complemented with the bright whites of freestanding ceramic bathtubs and washbowls, and the modern look of stainless steel faucets. Candles are optional.

Inexhaustible Finishes

The most popular bathroom wall option, tile walls do not have to be ordinary, as the variety allows for an almost inexhaustible range of interesting finishes—in colours, materials, textures and styles. Depending on your preferred look and feel, tile walls can help elevate grandeur, mimic a luxury spa or a rustic vacation cottage, enhance elegance and transform a plain bathroom into a standout relaxation sanctuary.

Effectively Simple

Where concrete drywalls may appear cold and unwelcoming, using wooded walls—particularly in varying textures and shades, and combined with a mix of materials—creates colour, depth and warmth and can help soften the hard look of ceramic finishes. They also allow for a wide range of personalisation, whether it is to create a traditional wood-on-wood or a more contemporary wood-and-glass look.

To conceal a less-than-perfect surface or emphasise plain walls, use wooden walls as a simple yet effective modern statement. Bare wood will stain, so coat wood panels with water-based urethane to keep all the natural wood grain vibrant.

For a nice, unique touch, incorporate wood cabinets and storage in a different colour from the wall.

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