Monday, December 11, 2023

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INDONESIA . Technology

"It is estimated that this single project can catalyse into Nongsa Digital Park up to a total of US$300 million of foreign direct investment....

Prospering in Ultra-Micro Segments, BRI Will Optimize the Right Issue

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Sept. 21, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (IDX:BBRI) ("BRI") has recently launched a rights issue with a transaction target of up to IDR 96 trillion in connection with the establishment of BRI as an ultra-micro...


Anthoni Salim, President & Director, Salim Group

“Be an entrepreneur who has a good character. People who are successful in a fraudulent way, will surely soon retire because the people/public reject it. Therefore, it is better to make a little profit, but try honestly and sincerely.”



Tan See Leng, –  Minister of Manpower, Singapore

“The successful adoption of the Industry 4.0 technologies, and the development of a higher skilled workforce, are key to advancing Singapore's goals...

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The Mission to Transform Australia

An Interview with Victor Kline and Steve Keen  In moments when it is necessary to confront corrupt leaders and governments, most people fall in two...

War Against Reality – War Againsts Woman

In Western society, there appears to be a disproportionate emphasis, driven by the media and governments, on promoting the concept of unlimited gender self-identification...

The Death of Free Speech

AND THE DANGEROUS RISE OF THE ILLIBERAL LEFT  245 years ago the famed French philosopher Voltaire is reputed to have said, “I disapprove of what...

The Hijacking of Feminism

8 years ago I believed in what Feminism stood for, which is to level the playing field so that women and men are given...

Being a Woman

I have always been asked in my life’s journey from a teacher to running my business, if I have even been discriminated against because...

Happiness is…The Farm I Always Wanted

When I invested in forming a company in San Juan Del Sur, Nicaragua, which has brought 10 acres of land focusing on developing sustainable...