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2023 Maritime Silk Road Cultural Journey: “Floral Whispers” Shines in Malaysia

MALACCA, Malaysia, Oct. 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The 2023 “Floral Whisper along the Silk Road – Cultural Journey of Maritime Silk Road” reached its grand conclusion in Malacca, Malaysia on October 19, following previous visits to Indonesia and Singapore. The delegation, comprising representatives from the Guangzhou Municipal Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau, the Nanyue King’s Mausoleum Museum, and the Guangzhou Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology, embarked on this cultural odyssey. They were joined by distinguished figures, including the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Malacca Museum of Art and Culture, the Acting Chairman of the Executive Council of the Malacca Museum of Art and Culture, members of the Malacca City Council, the Deputy Curator of the Cheng Ho Cultural Museum, scholars from Southern University College of Malaysia and Xiamen University Malaysia, along with chairpersons of various trade associations and media reporters. This event deepened cultural exchanges, further connecting Guangzhou with Maritime Silk Road nations.

Over nine days from October 12 to 20, the City Alliance for Maritime Silk Road Heritage Conservation and World Heritage Nomination, led by Guangzhou, traversed Indonesia, Singapore, and Malaysia. Through diverse cultural activities, the event strengthened dialogue and cooperation, intensifying enthusiasm for Maritime Silk Road nominations.

In Malacca, attendees relived the Maritime Silk Road’s past, present, and future through an evocative video. Traditional Malaysian dances and Cantonese music immersed the audience in the allure of these historic cities.

Government representatives, local scholars, and heritage officials actively participated in fruitful discussions and signed a “Memorandum of Intent for Cooperative Protection and Tourism Development of Maritime Silk Road Cultural Heritage” . This collaboration aims to deepen cultural tourism ties, fostering comprehensive cooperation in source markets and resource sharing. Mr. YB Datuk HajiZaidi bin Attan, Acting Chairman of the Executive Council of the Malacca Museum of Art and Culture, expressed his admiration for Guangzhou’s unique history and significant contributions to the Maritime Silk Road. He stated, “I highly appreciate Guangzhou’s unwavering commitment to the preservation and sharing of cultural heritage with the world. I hope this collaborative relationship can be a source of inspiration for future generations.”

Furthermore, both sides exchanged friendly gifts showcasing their intangible cultural heritage, deepening cultural tourism collaboration. This collaboration will promote the convergence of the tourism and cultural industries and enable comprehensive cooperation in areas such as tourism source markets and resource sharing.

The event took place at the Cheng Ho Cultural Museum, the world’s largest Cheng Ho-themed museum, within Malacca’s historic city, enriching the spirit of the Maritime Silk Road.

Building on this progress, Guangzhou will continue promoting Maritime Silk Road culture, fostering inspiration for future generations.

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