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Factsheet on the Digital Andragogy Blueprint

SINGAPORE, Aug. 3, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — The rise of digital learning, using technology-enabled tools, has dramatically changed the education landscape and enabled new ways of teaching and learning that are more effective, accessible and relevant for everyone. This becomes even more important as Singapore embarks on a journey to make lifelong learning a way of life.

Minister of State (Manpower and Education), Ms Gan Siow Huang, was the guest of honour at the SkillsFuture Festival X SUSS event held at the Lifelong Learning Institute on 3 August 2023.
Minister of State (Manpower and Education), Ms Gan Siow Huang, was the guest of honour at the SkillsFuture Festival X SUSS event held at the Lifelong Learning Institute on 3 August 2023.

The Digital Andragogy Blueprint by SUSS and Microsoft is a comprehensive guide designed to provide educators with recommendations and strategies for adult instruction and learning, as they use digital tools to enhance success for instructors as well as adult learners. The blueprint offers a curated collection of digital tools aligned with specific learning objectives and is both easy to use and cost-effective for adoption by educators. It also eases the process of choosing the most appropriate tools for instructional goals.

Digital tools that educators can use from Microsoft based on specific instructional strategies within the blueprint include AI-infused features like PowerPoint Speaker Coach, Present Live in PowerPoint, Immersive Reader, as well as accessibility and learning tools on Microsoft Edge and Microsoft 365.

These tools can be used by educators to improve collaboration and sharing among adult learners, facilitate commentary and discussion, and help educators better reinforce learning and engagement through the lifelong learning experience with analytics and insights.

To illustrate the effective use of digital andragogy, the blueprint includes a selection of real-world case studies to demonstrate successful implementation strategies and showcase the positive impact of digital tools on improving learning outcomes.

For example, at the Singapore Flying College: instead of going through content that is primarily self-explanatory with learners and thus may not be the best use of time in class, the in-class lesson on ‘Decompression of Pressurised Cabin’ was turned into an online self-study lesson using the digital andragogy approach to highlight the procedures to take in the event of slow decompression.

At TS Group, which co-develops, manages, and operates large-scale communities for foreign workers and the elderly in Singapore and the region, classes on dormitory rules and regulations are usually conducted through presentations with voluminous text, which do not aid engagement nor facilitate the ease of retention. The blueprint helped to introduce house rules to new foreign worker dormitory residents in an interactive and engaging manner that facilitates effective recall in an engaging manner.

By designing engaging learning experiences tailored to learners’ profiles and embracing a growth mindset, educators can create personalised and impactful instruction to optimise the learning process.

The Digital Andragogy Blueprint will be available on  by 3 August for all adult educators and enterprises in Singapore to adapt, customise and scale according to their needs. The blueprint will later be made available on Microsoft Learn (, a free, online training platform available globally that provides frictionless, interactive learning for skills that prepare learners for the future.

Quotes from SUSS

Professor Tan Tai Yong, SUSS President, said, “We are delighted to launch the Digital Andragogy Blueprint with Microsoft today. SUSS has been a champion for continuous education and lifelong learning in Singapore since our inception. In today’s ever-evolving world, there is a pressing need for Singapore’s workforce to reskill and upskill to seize new opportunities in the digital economy. Thus, it is most timely that the blueprint is launched today at SkillsFuture Festival x SUSS. Through the collaborative efforts and expertise between Microsoft and SUSS, I believe that the Digital Andragogy Blueprint will be an excellent resource to enhance the effectiveness of adult learning and skills training by encouraging the adoption of digital tools.”

Associate Professor Justina Tan, SUSS Associate Vice President of Strategic Partnership & Engagement, who spearheaded the development of the blueprint, said, “The Digital Andragogy Blueprint aims to equip educators with the necessary knowledge and skills to alleviate anxieties associated with digital tools adoption and usage and provide guidance to navigate the digital landscape of adult education. Through engaging learning experiences tailored to learners’ profiles, we can create personalised and impactful instruction that continuously evolves and improves in the dynamic realm of adult education. We also want to encourage adult educators to embrace a growth mindset and continuously explore different instructional strategies to create impactful learning experiences. So far, we are pleased to have successfully piloted the blueprint at selected organisations, including the Singapore Armed Forces’ Institute of Military Learning, TS Group Pte Ltd, Singapore Flying College, Singapore Airlines and SUSS.”

Quote from Microsoft Singapore

Mr Richard Koh, Chief Technology Officer and Customer Success Lead for Microsoft Singapore said, “Learners of all ages deserve equitable access to education, no matter where they live or how they learn. Our work with SUSS deepens existing partnerships with our education ecosystem and will create scalable impact across the nation, as educators and learners embrace technology that makes teaching and learning better. As we build a resilient, digitally inclusive Singapore, I look forward to having educators and learners embrace AI, as they build mastery of new skills, foster a culture of lifelong learning and ensure that our workforce remains competitive and relevant for our future.”

Quotes from pilot organisations

“SFC was honoured to serve as the testbed for Associate Professor Justina Tan’s research project, the Digital Andragogy Blueprint. Her adeptness at simplifying abstract concepts made it seamless for our cadet pilots to navigate the content-heavy subject matter. The incorporation of user-friendly design and interactive elements, such as online quizzes and games, kept the cadets engaged and actively participating throughout the sessions. The presentation was impressive, leaving a lasting positive impression on all attendees. SFC eagerly looks forward to observing the continued growth of Digital Andragogy and the substantial benefits it will bring to the learning and teaching of our future pilots.

Mr Christopher Shannon
Head of Ground School
Singapore Flying College

“The session led by Associate Professor Justina Tan was incredibly productive, and the residents have absolutely enjoyed the innovative engagement approach.  It was highly interactive, allowing our residents to actively participate and comprehend the content without overwhelming them with excessive information. The Q&A session, in particular, left a lasting impression on them regarding the house rules, ensuring better retention and understanding. We should explore and adopt a particular methodology that has been effectively implemented, as it will serve as a superior approach for presenting our induction slides to our residents in the future.”

TS Group Pte Ltd
Operations Management Team

The Digital Andragogy Blueprint was launched at the event by Minister of State (Education and Manpower), Ms Gan Siow Huang (centre), with key representatives from SUSS and Microsoft.
The Digital Andragogy Blueprint was launched at the event by Minister of State (Education and Manpower), Ms Gan Siow Huang (centre), with key representatives from SUSS and Microsoft.

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