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GC Cell Signs an MOU with PT Bifarma Adiluhung, an affiliate of KALBE group

  • GC Cell and PT Bifarma Adiluhung announced a strategic partnership to facilitate the entry of ‘Immuncell-LC’, the only approved autologous T-cell therapy for HCC into the Indonesian market.

YONGIN, South Korea, June 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — GC Cell, a fully integrated cell and gene therapy pioneer, is proud to announce the establishment of an MOU for strategic partnership with Bifarma, a frontrunner in stem cell therapy within Indonesia with comprehensive capabilities in R&D, GMP-compliant manufacturing, and the commercialization of cell therapies. Bifarma is a Subsidiary of Southeast Asia’s Leading Pharmaceutical, PT Kalbe Farma Tbk.

This strategic partnership marks a significant step towards entering the Indonesian market and expanding into the innovative cell therapy sector, particularly to facilitate the entry of ‘Immuncell-LC’, the only approved autologous T-cell therapy for liver cancer surgery in Korea. The MOU also includes discussions on technology transfer and broad cooperation on the development of additional NK cell therapy pipelines.

Furthermore, GC Cell recently unveiled its Blueprint 2.0 strategy, emphasizing a company-wide strategic shift towards future growth drivers. A pivotal component of this strategy is the global market entry of its proprietary cell therapy products, Immuncell-LC, Korea’s pioneering cell therapy, along with securing the foundation for NK cell therapy pipelines across the Asia-Pacific region.

Indonesia, known for its large population and robust growth rate coupled with the advent of universal healthcare, presents a promising market for autologous cell therapies. Such therapies are increasingly accessible through medical procedures that are supported by substantial clinical data, similar to those in Japan. Through this strategic partnership with Bifarma and leveraging the Kalbe Group’s extensive local infrastructure, including cold chain logistics and a broad hospital network, GC Cell anticipates the accelerated launch of its Immuncell-LC beyond Korea.

James Park, CEO of GC Cell, commented, “This partnership is a testament to the global recognition of our cell therapy expertise, first established in Korea. By combining GC Cell’s integrated value chain in cell and gene therapy with Bifarma’s strong market presence and capabilities in Indonesia, we are poised to rapidly capture a leading position in the burgeoning field of anti-cancer cell therapies.”

“We are pleased to announce that Bifarma, through our cell therapy division ReGeniC, has entered into a MOU with GC Cell, a pioneering biopharmaceutical company from Korea. This strategic collaboration represents a significant milestone for both organizations and reinforces our mission to offer advanced, safe, and high-quality cell therapy,” said Dr. Sandy Qlintang, MBiomed., President Director of PT Bifarma Adiluhung.

This MOU represents a significant milestone for both organizations in their pursuit to transform patient care and fortify their positions in the global healthcare landscape.

About GC Cell 

With a core focus on cell therapy, GC Cell offers complete bio healthcare solutions from diagnosis to treatment, and the brand’s comprehensive value chain spans R&D, production, commercialization, and distribution.  

More info: https://gccell.com// 

About PT Bifarma Adiluhung 

PT Bifarma Adiluhung, through its cell therapy division Regenic, is Indonesia’s first and largest cell-based therapy provider, holding GMP certification from Indonesia’s FDA and an operating license from Ministry of Health for clinical-grade manufacturing of stem cells and their metabolites. Regenic services encompass autologous and allogeneic stem cells and their derivatives, a stem cell education center, and an R&D center focused on innovative cell therapy products. Regenic is dedicated to advancing healthcare through pioneering cell-based therapies to enhance the quality of life for all individuals.

About PT Kalbe Farma Tbk

PT Kalbe Farma Tbk (Kalbe) was established in 1966 and is one of the biggest public pharmaceutical companies in Southeast Asia. Kalbe has four main divisions that handle a portfolio of dependable and various brands: the prescription pharmaceutical division, the health products division that handles over-the-counter drugs, multivitamins, and ready-to-serve supplemental drinks, the nutritions division, and the distribution & logistics division.

Kalbe has also developed B2B-based digital services ecosystems for the society: EMOS and MOSTRANS. EMOS is an order management application system that helps distribution channels perform their stock or supply chain management actions. MOSTRANS is a B2B transportation solution provider for the easy management and the efficiency of transportation.

Kalbe now has more than 40 subsidiaries and 14 international-standard production facilities, supported by around 16,000 employees in 71 branches throughout Indonesia. Kalbe’s shares have been listed in Indonesia Stock Exchange/Bursa Efek Indonesia (IDX:KLBF) since 1991. For more information, please visit https://www.kalbe.co.id/

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