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Grand Opening of ELIS: Daekyo’s Premier International Kindergarten Arrives in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

HO CHI MINH CITY, Vietnam, March 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Daekyo, Korea’s leading education group, proudly announces the opening of ELIS (Eye Level Integrated School), an innovative international kindergarten set to revolutionize early childhood education in Vietnam. Opening its doors in April, ELIS promises a transformative learning experience blending Korean expertise with global perspectives.

Fascinating Facilities: ELIS boasts a captivating facility designed to stimulate young minds. Featuring spacious, vibrant rooms conducive to exploration and creativity, the kindergarten offers a swimming pool and playground within the same building, ensuring children enjoy a seamless blend of fun and learning. Additionally, ELIS houses its own kitchen, where an exclusive chef crafts nutritious meals tailored to children’s tastes and dietary needs.

Parent Engagement: At ELIS, parents are integral partners in their children’s educational journey. The kindergarten provides ample opportunities for parents to observe and actively participate in various activities, including sports days, exhibitions, and English musical performances. This open-door policy fosters strong connections between families and the school community, ensuring a supportive learning environment for every child.

Specialized Programs: ELIS sets itself apart with its diverse range of specialized programs. While adhering to Korea’s renowned Nuri curriculum for regular classes, the kindergarten also offers carefully curated after-school programs featuring popular Korean brands. From the artistic expression of Plamu to the physical fitness of TuniTuni, the creative exploration of Brainsoop, and the melodic enchantment of Soribotari, ELIS ensures children receive a well-rounded education that nurtures their talents and interests.

As ELIS prepares to welcome its first cohort of students, anticipation is high among parents seeking an exceptional early learning experience for their children. With its unique blend of Korean educational excellence and international standards, ELIS stands poised to become a beacon of innovation in Vietnam’s early childhood education landscape.

Recruitment Information: ELIS will begin recruiting students for Pre-K and K1 (born in 2022 and 2021) starting April 1st, with plans to open classes specifically for Pre-K and K1 initially. The regular classes for K1 through K3 will open in September. For more information about ELIS and to join the upcoming open house event on March 16th, please visit Thao Dien Green (192 Nguyen Van Huong St, Thao Dien Ward, Thu Duc City, HCMC) or contact +84 0815 550 085.

For additional details, please visit ELIS Kindergarten’s website and follow their Facebook page.

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