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Empowering urban communities to grow their own food in a clean, minimal, and efficient way.

SINGAPORE, Aug. 14, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Imagine a guaranteed successful way of growing food at home without the trial-and-error and time needed to maintain it. Grobrix for Home provides consumers with a therapeutic edible garden and an all-inclusive membership that ensures a home grower’s growing success without getting their home or hands dirty. Transform any wall into a beautiful and functional farm where home growers can nurture a variety of delicious herbs and greens year-round. The membership comes with all the necessary components and features, making it easy for anyone to get started – seedlings, plant nutrients, replacement of faulty parts, collection and reuse of plastics, and access to a team of urban farmers to answer all the growing questions – all-inclusive without any extra cost. Grobrix for Home is designed to empower urban communities to grow food successfully and confidently, and effortlessly embark on a healthier, happier, more sustainable, and self-sufficient lifestyle. With the promise of maximum nutrition, fun, and guaranteed success.

“Connection. I started growing food to forge deeper relations with my family – my father and my children. Food has a way of bringing people together. We all need to eat. Often, we eat meals together. We sometimes prepare them together. At different times, we would grow food together. For most of us now, that time has passed. We forgot about food and where it comes from. What we are trying to do at Grobrix is to help everyone remember. Connect with your food source and connect with your loved ones through food. We want everyone to be a farmer again, if only for one hour a week,” says Mathew Howe, Founder at Grobrix.

Store-bought produce loses up to 50% of its nutrients in transit, and in a country like Singapore – where 90% of our nutritional needs come from abroad – the average Farm- to-Table journey for leafy greens to reach Singapore is a staggering 2000km. By growing food at home, one can better understand their food source, ensure its freshness and quality, and enjoy maximum nutritional value since the time between harvest and consumption is significantly reduced.

It aligns to reduce reliance on store-bought produce and encourages a more self-sufficient and mindful approach to food consumption.

For those seeking to improve their eating habits, Grobrix for Home allows them to experiment and explore an array of herbs, flowers, and vegetables. Members can try new ingredients and flavours, expanding their palates and adding variety to their meals, allowing them to take a hands-on approach to cooking and nourishment, where they can take pride in growing their food and joyfully incorporating it into their dishes.

A one-stack Grobrix Farm Wall is H200 x W65 x D45 (cm), requiring just two standard 13 Amp power points for irrigation and lighting; timers control both to optimise the plant growth. The lights are on for 12 hours daily, and the water runs on closed-loop irrigation, recycling the water as much as possible. This would typically run less than 10 SGD per month at home energy prices.

Features and benefits of Grobrix for Home include:

  • A world’s first modular edible green wall that allows members to grow 20 plants – the modularity allows home growers to easily clean and wash the system/parts, unlike the competitor products in Singapore.
  • Guaranteed growing success by delivering seedlings instead of seeds, which gives consumers a 3-week head start on their crop cycle and ensures yield.
  • Access to over 40 varieties of non-GMO edibles, including those they can’t purchase from local supermarkets.
  • In-person support for any accidental breakages or component faults.
  • Real human support for any growing and plant-related questions.
  • Collection and reuse of all the plastic components – ensuring no waste is generated.
  • Delivery and installation. And the removal of the farm wall when the time comes that the home grower no longer wishes to grow with us; the farm wall gets repurposed.

Grobrix for Home membership is now available exclusively in Singapore at S$129/month. For more information on Grobrix for Home, visit

About Grobrix:

Grobrix is the world’s first Farming-as-a-Service company with a modular edible green wall beautifully designed to brighten any space. We believe that the freshest, most nutritious produce should be accessible to all, so we bring the farm and the farming to you! Our mission is to encourage, empower, and educate urban communities to live more sustainable, self-sufficient, happier, and healthier lives. Grobrix is designed and manufactured in Singapore — currently farming with Fortune 500 companies.

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