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Singapore’s first ESG communication best practices handbook: Employee Communication Trend Report 2024 – Responsibility and Sustainability at The Workplace

SINGAPORE, Feb. 1, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Rothman & Roman Group produced, on 1 February 2024, the Employee Communication Trend Report 2024 – Responsibility and Sustainability at The Workplace, which aims to monitor the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance)-related employee communication activities of key players in the Singapore economy.

Employee Communication Trend Report 2024 – Responsibility and Sustainability at The Workplace
Employee Communication Trend Report 2024 – Responsibility and Sustainability at The Workplace

Focusing on volunteering, engagement and participation, the compilation brings together best practices on three topics: 1. Education and Knowledge-sharing; 2. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion (DEI) and Social Responsibility; and 3. Sustainability and Nature Conservation, providing a platform for those who inspire beyond their organisations with their ideas, visions, and solutions. 

In assembling this compilation, our goal was to highlight a diverse array of companies, industries, and initiatives, drawing our examples from the recipients of the EuroCham and AmCham Sustainability Awards in recent years as well as from media reports. Although we have discovered a rich variety of initiatives, we acknowledge the inherent limitations of our selection, which is thus not exhaustive. 

Rothman & Roman Group’s publication presents 34 companies – 16 insightful interviews and 18 compelling case studies – demonstrating Singapore’s business leaders’ thoughts about employee communication and engagement in ESG, and their efforts, in practice, to achieve their goals. The resulting panorama of Singapore employee communication trends in ESG is one of a business community deeply committed to environmental stewardship, mutual respect, aid, and collaboration— values that resonate widely. The greater the involvement of employees in a company’s ESG projects, the greater the impact of those projects on the company and society at large, was one of the key lessons from this first-of-its-kind publication. 

Volunteerism and philanthropy activities were also noted to dominate the corporate efforts, with Singaporean companies displaying outstanding commitment to give and create value for the society where they operate. Companies excel in volunteerism and philanthropy, impacting a wide range of social issues and benefiting varied groups, especially the elderly, the less educated and children. Key environmental efforts include nature conservation, water stewardship and waste management. The report noted that the over 30 companies represented in this publication have collectively dedicated over 100,000 volunteer hours and raised a total of over S$80 million for social causes.  

As noted by Bhavani Krishnasamy, Managing Director at the International PR Training Pte Ltd, “It is time for organisations to learn the best practices adopted by other organisations and companies, and keep increasing the momentum of employee engagement over the pandemic years. This report will help you enhance your employee engagement strategies going forward.” 

Vanessa Wan, Vice President at the Institute of Public Relations Singapore, highlighted: “The starting point is not just about informing employees; It is about whether the company has an articulated position on diversity, inclusiveness, and sustainability, and is followed through in all its actions and decisions.”  

The examples in the report perfectly illustrate that a well-designed ESG project, implemented with employee involvement, can bring about significant change both inside and outside the company: It can shape both the wider social environment and the corporate culture alike. As Daniel O’ Connor, Chief People Officer at ALBA and Co-chair of the Singapore Eurocham Human Development Committee said: “The sustainability dialogue is often highly complex and multi-layered. It requires companies to form a clear vision of how they perceive their role within the larger eco-system in which they operate and benefit from, and use this to re-shape their business models, with a focus on ‘win-win-win’ activities that generate value on multiple levels rather than adopting more traditional zero-sum tactics.” 

“Responsibility and Sustainability at The Workplace 2024” can be an important feedback loop for the business: It shows that their efforts are valued, and their achievements and performance are recognised. But it is also an equally important feedback loop for employees involved in ESG activities, reassuring them that they are working towards good goals, effectively and in a way that is visible to the outside world when they engage in these community activities.  

Additionally, it is intended to serve as a source of ideas from which those building or expanding their own ESG portfolios can learn with confidence. “We are positive that both business and society will benefit from our publication: we can help create a culture in which business success and social well-being are not mutually exclusive, but reinforcing,” said Zsófia Balatoni, Editor of the publication and Chief Strategy Officer of the Rothman & Roman Group. 

The Employee Communication Trend Report 2024 – Responsibility and Sustainability at The Workplace can be downloaded here:

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