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LONGi Hi-MO X6: A Fantastic Powerhouse for the Aluminum Industry in the Philippines

MANILA, Philippines , April 25, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — The state-of-the-art Hi-MO X6 solar panel, renowned for its high efficiency, is gearing up to transforming the electricity structure of the aluminum industry. Partnered with OneSky Aluminum, Hi-MO X6 was installed across the factory rooftops in the Philippines. This collaboration paves the way for a greener future, as they transform into facilities powered by sustainable energy.

In the Philippines’ energy market, heavily reliant on coal-based power, OneSky Aluminum stands as one of the heaviest consumers of power. On a day-to-day basis, operations at South-East Asia’s largest aluminum factory lead to significant power usage up to roughly 2,173,913KWh monthly.

By installing 1.3 MW of Hi-MO X6 solar modules, OneSky Aluminum saves up to 5200 kWh per day, and 6,457 RMB bill cuts. Compared to the neighboring PERC power stations, Hi-MO X6 can save an additional 500 kWh daily.

Extreme weather is frequent in the Philippines, with storms and floods constantly hitting the country. Since most solar modules are installed on rooftops, they are highly susceptible to extreme weather. Hi-MO X6 solar modules are the first to be fully back-welded, which significantly improves the cell’s resistance to micro cracks. Supported by its superb front and back static load (up to 5,400Pa and 2,400Pa respectively), Hi-MO X6 is able to withstand wind pressure and reduce rooftop bearing pressure. Its excellent performance allows it to stand out in many rigid tests, even in hot and humid weather.

Energy-saving isn’t solely about cost reduction, it’s also about playing a part in environmental-friendly actions and sustainability. In the Philippines, the non-ferrous metal industry is known to be a major contributor to carbon emissions. For the long run, the use of solar power is an optimal choice.

OneSky Aluminum’s alliance with Hi-MO X6 doesn’t merely reflect the pursuit of power saving, but it also takes a defining step towards the Philippines’ ambitious goal of achieving 35% renewable power generation by 2030.

LONGi’s installation of solar panels for OneSky Aluminum represents the seamless merge of carbon-free technology and electricity usage freedom. With LONGi, we are forging a path towards a future that is not only more sustainable but also significantly greener.

About LONGi

Founded in 2000, LONGi is committed to being the world’s leading solar technology company, focusing on customer-driven value creation for full scenario energy transformation.

Under its mission of ‘making the best of solar energy to build a green world’, LONGi has dedicated itself to technology innovation and established five business sectors, covering mono silicon wafers cells and modules, commercial & industrial distributed solar solutions, green energy solutions and hydrogen equipment. The company has honed its capabilities to provide green energy and has more recently, also embraced green hydrogen products and solutions to support global zero carbon development. 

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