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Pramita Sari: Driving Mazda Indonesia’s Marketing Success in the Premium Automotive Segment

JAKARTA, Indonesia, Oct. 10, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Mazda Indonesia, a dominant player in the Japanese premium automotive market, has recently introduced its latest gem, the All-New Mazda CX-60 in Indonesia. Spearheading this remarkable marketing achievement is none other than Pramita Sari, the esteemed Marketing and Communications General Manager of Eurokars Motor Indonesia. With her leadership, Pramita Sari has orchestrated a resounding success in ensuring the All-New Mazda CX-60’s stellar debut, as well as increasing 30% Mazda brand’s PR (Public Relations) Value in Indonesia’s premium car segment.

Pramita Sari, the mastermind behind Mazda Indonesia's triumphant marketing strategy rooted in a value-centric approach, setting a fresh benchmark for innovation and premium car design excellence in Indonesia.
Pramita Sari, the mastermind behind Mazda Indonesia’s triumphant marketing strategy rooted in a value-centric approach, setting a fresh benchmark for innovation and premium car design excellence in Indonesia.

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Mazda’s premium brand awareness in the country is the result of a meticulously crafted marketing strategy that Pramita Sari and her adept team have ingeniously engineered. The Mazda CX-5 series achieved an impressive 31% of 1,002 car booking orders (SPK) during the GIIAS 2023 event, reaffirming Mazda’s prowess, and allure.

Pramita Sari embarked on her automotive journey in November 2021 as the Head of PR & Communications, harnessing her prior experience in deftly managing diverse hospitality and lifestyle brands across Indonesia. Her passion for marketing and curiosity led her to Mazda Indonesia, where she focused on elevating the brand’s presence. Her strategic acumen has increased Mazda’s brand awareness as a premium automotive brand in Indonesia by 10%.

Under her leadership, Eurokars Motor Indonesia has strengthened its premium positioning through the following multifaceted approach:

  • Product Differentiation: Spotlighting unique and innovative models/designs,
  • Emphasizing Mazda’s Values: Seamlessly and consistently communicate Mazda’s meaning and values to foster lasting relationships with customers.
  • Excellence in Customer Experience: Eurokars Motor Indonesia’s commitment to end-to-end customer satisfaction, highlighted by a meticulous customer experience investment, ensures a steadfast customer base.
  • Leveraging Digital Transformation: By embracing the digital age and proactively reaching out to customers via online platforms, Eurokars Motor Indonesia authentically educates, engages, and broadens its audience.
  • Innovative Marketing: The implementation of imaginative campaigns, synergistic collaborations with influencers and brands eyeing for the same positioning, and captivating event activations have unequivocally piqued public interest. This success culminated in Eurokars Motor Indonesia’s booth being lauded as the Favourite Booth in GIIAS 2022 for the Passenger Category <800-square meters.
  • Agile Adaptation: The understanding of the fast-changing and dynamic nature of Indonesia’s automotive industry underlines the importance of agility, flexibility, and adaptability.

Additionally, Pramita Sari advocates for a value-driven marketing approach that builds stronger relationships with customers. “When we grasp our customers’ needs and values, we start to cultivate customer loyalty that transcends generations. By delivering satisfying experiences, high-quality products, and exceptional service, we can establish a brand reputation that continues to grow,” said Sari.

The new Mazda Simprug Headquarters represents a groundbreaking milestone for Mazda. It is the first-ever service hub that epitomizes responsiveness, personalization, and attentive consumer engagement. More than a mere service center, the headquarters immerses consumers in Mazda’s values, fostering emotional connections that transcend transactions. Mazda’s marketing and communication initiatives are a joint effort between Japan and Indonesia, with both teams working collaboratively to create compelling strategies that resonate with customers.

As Mazda Indonesia strides confidently in 2023, the national automotive sector’s promising 10.64% growth fuels a renewed sense of optimism and opportunity for the brand to flourish under Pramita Sari’s astute guidance. With unwavering optimism, she commented, “We perceive these positive industry trends not as challenges, but as avenues for innovation, expansion, and transformation. Armed with 25 official dealers across the nation, Mazda Indonesia is ready to win over Indonesian automotive aficionados by collaborating with others, empowering communities, and participating in events.”

Pramita Sari’s focus remains unwavering: to continue shaping Mazda as a brand that resonates strongly with its customers. With over 15 years of experience in the B2B and B2C sectors, her strategic communication prowess has propelled the brands she has worked with to greater heights, leading her to be recognized as one of the Top 100 Corporate Communication Practitioners in Indonesia in 2019 by MIX Marketing & Communication Magazine.  Her expertise in PR and Communications has also made her elected as part of the Board of Council of the Indonesia Hotel Public Relations Association (H31), which she previously served as Chairperson of H31 for the 2019-2021 period.

About PT Eurokars Motor Indonesia

PT Eurokars Motor Indonesia (EMI), part of Eurokars Group founded by Karsono Kwee, is the sole agent and exclusive distributor of Mazda vehicles in Indonesia under PT EMI’s ownership since 2017, Mazda has recorded significant sales growth in the domestic premium cars market through its models and features. After the acquisition, Karsono Kwee, the founder of Eurokars Group, decided to employ all the employees and integrate them into the Eurokars Group.

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