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Rising to the Top: The Empowering Journey of Yu-Qi Wu and Yu-Hsuan Wu

TAIPEI, May 16, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — In Taiwan, sisters Yu-Qi Wu and Yu-Hsuan Wu have transformed a small startup into a powerful women’s empowerment platform, Twins Team, boasting an annual revenue of NT$15 million. According to a report published by” The Icons“, it encompasses not just business success but also perseverance, innovation, and societal change

The Wu sisters embarked on their journey with a vision to create opportunities for women in the workplace. Despite starting with modest earnings, they were determined to change the status quo. “Our monthly income was barely enough to cover our living expenses, but we knew we had to take significant risks to make a difference,” Yu-Qi recalled.

Recognizing that few organizations genuinely addressed the root issues women face in the workplace, they created a platform that provides both professional training and psychological support, helping women re-enter the workforce or transition to better opportunities.

As their organization grew, so did their network, which now includes women from various industries. This platform not only offers vocational training but also workshops aimed at enhancing self-confidence and leadership abilities. Yu-Qi explained, “Our aim is to build a comprehensive support system to help women succeed in their careers, regardless of their starting point.”

The Wu sisters also actively engage in public forums and seminars, discussing the role of women in the workplace and society. Through these platforms, they have sparked debates on gender equality and professional growth, drawing widespread attention and prompting discussions across Taiwanese society.

Looking forward, the sisters plan to expand their successful model internationally, especially to regions where women’s rights still lag. “We believe that through global cooperation and knowledge sharing, we can create an international network for women’s empowerment,” Yu-Hsuan stated.
Through their dedication and innovative approach, the Wu sisters have not only achieved business success but have also significantly impacted women’s lives and contributed to societal advancement and gender equality. Their story is a testament to the power of vision and perseverance, proving that even small beginnings can lead to remarkable achievements when driven by a deep commitment to empowering others.

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