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Trade-in Your Digital Indicators for the Enhanced Mitutoyo Series 543 at Regional Tech

SINGAPORE, Feb. 21, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Regional Tech, a leading precision tools specialist, is proud to introduce the new Mitutoyo Digital Indicator Series 543. Interested parties can enjoy a trade-in promotion for the state-of-the-art Mitutoyo Digital Indicator Series 543 (Standard Type). By trading in your existing digital indicator, from any brand, you can get to experience the enhanced features of the Series 543 at a special promotional price!

Here are the key features of Mitutoyo Digital Indicator Series 543:

  • Advanced Communication:

The Mitutoyo Digital Indicator Series 543 supports bidirectional communication between the ID-C and a computer, enabling data output and function settings from the computer.

  • ABS Scale Technology:

With ABS (absolute) scale technology, the Mitutoyo Digital Indicator Series 543 automatically restores the last origin position, ensuring high reliability and eliminating over-speed errors.

  • Tolerance Judgment with Full-Size Characters:

The Mitutoyo Digital Indicator Series 543 has enhanced tolerance judgment with upper and lower limits, displaying the result (GO/NO-GO) in full-size characters.

  • Analog Bar Indicator:

With an integrated analog bar indicator, the Mitutoyo Digital Indicator Series 543 achieves a comfortable upper/lower limit and turnover point reading.

  • Extended Battery Life:

With a remarkable battery life of approximately 2.5 years under normal use using only one battery, the Mitutoyo Digital Indicator Series 543 ensures prolonged and reliable performance.

  • Data Output Port:

The Mitutoyo Digital Indicator Series 543 comes equipped with a data output port for seamless integration into measurement networking and statistical process control systems.

The Mitutoyo Digital Indicator Series 543 finds many use cases across diverse industries such as manufacturing, quality control, and research and development. Its versatility and precision make it an indispensable tool for professionals seeking accurate and reliable measurements.

Regional Tech invites all manufacturing professionals to take advantage of this limited-time promotion and upgrade to the Mitutoyo Digital Indicator Series 543 for unparalleled measurement accuracy and reliability. For more details on the promotion and the full technical capabilities of the Series 543 digital indicator, you can visit Regional Tech’s promotion page here.

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