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USANA Philippines Celebrates Legacy of Wellness Empowerment With Enterprise Asia Linchpin of Asia Awards 2023

SINGAPORE, Aug. 23, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Founded in 1992 by microbiologist and immunologist Dr. Myron Wentz, USANA Health Sciences is a U.S.-based international direct-selling company that researches, manufactures, and sells premium, science-based supplements, personal care, and healthy living products. Today, the company (henceforth referred to as USANA) is a billion-dollar company with 1,400 employees around the world in a variety of skilled positions. USANA currently operates in 24 countries including the Philippines where operations began in January 2009. The company’s newest market, India, will open by Q4 2023.

With an international outreach and a vast product range, USANA is able to support a wide range of customers. USANA has always been at the forefront of scientific research and product development. USANA’s customers receive only the highest-quality products that are backed by trusted and proven science. Its world-class research and development team also tests the potency and purity of each product in the company’s on-site laboratories.

The USANA vision has remained the same for close to 31 years now. Quoting Dr. Wentz, “I recognized many years ago that optimal cellular nutrition is key to maintaining long-term health. I believe, with the help of exceptional nutrition, people can live healthy and more rewarding lives.” This has become the cornerstone of USANA’s vision of becoming The Healthiest Family on Earth. While USANA’s goal is to empower the individual, the company’s mission is to develop and provide science-based health products of the highest quality, distributed internationally through direct sales, thus, creating a rewarding opportunity for its independent associates, shareholders, customers, and employees.

USANA employees enjoy a unique work culture that embodies the company’s core values of Excellence, Integrity, Health, and Community. With Excellence, the company relies on scientific research to provide innovative, healthy living solutions, and empower individuals to continually improve each day. In Integrity, employees demonstrate honesty, responsibility, and accountability through their individual actions. For Health, the company cultivates a holistic view of wellness that supports a healthy body and strong mind. For the Community, USANA supports, cares for, and encourages one another – and the world – to live happier, healthier lives.

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to businesses around the world. In response, the USANA family has found ingenious ways to reach out to associates, managing and fulfilling their orders. It utilized social media platforms and video communications to reach out to costumes. The level of commitment among the employees has been outstanding, where a group of staff even volunteered to convert a portion of the workplace to be their temporary living quarters. USANA believes in supporting communities. The USANA Foundation has spent over a decade feeding hungry children and providing disaster relief. Since its inception in 2012, the USANA Foundation has donated tens of millions of meals to needy families around the world. USANA has partnered with several non-governmental organizations and individuals to deliver assistance to those in need. USANA also holds its World Service Week in June where employees and associates donate their time and resources to help a neighbor, stranger, or charitable organization.

From 2019 to 2022, USANA Philippines continues to be the No. 1 Vitamins and Dietary Supplements Brand in the Philippines (Source: Euromonitor International Limited, Vitamins and Dietary Supplements; % retail value share, 2022 data. Ch2023ed.). It has also been recognized in the Inspiration Brand category, from the Direct Selling industry by the Asia Pacific Enterprise Awards (APEA) 2020 Regional Edition, awarded for Corporate Governance and Investment in People categories by Asia Responsible Enterprise Awards (AREA) and lastly one of the Best Companies to work for in Asia by HR Asia. USANA Philippines has achieved phenomenal double to triple-digit growth of 55% and 112% in terms of product sales and sources of growth in 2020 as well. The company’s manpower grew by 19% over the last few years, increasing from 36 to 43.

To commemorate its long-term success, USANA Philippines was recently honored at the Enterprise Asia Linchpin of Asia Awards 2023. The Awards is the most prestigious recognition program recognizing the top industry leaders and enterprises across Asia. Thus, the accolade signifies USANA’s position as the epitome of industry leadership within the region, solidifying its status as the best of the best in the dynamic Asian business landscape.

To sustain growth, USANA Philippines will continue to focus on its major growth drivers – customer acquisition and retention, expanding brand-building activities, and enhancing customer experience. The Back to Basics training strategies will be maintained to support these growth drivers. The company is projected to achieve steady growth of between 5-10% in the next few years.

About Enterprise Asia Linchpin of Asia Awards 2023

The inaugural and prestigious Enterprise Asia Linchpin of Asia Awards is a premier recognition program dedicated to honoring only the excellent, the most elite and best of the best industry leaders and enterprises exclusively selected across Asia. The award honors the best business leaders and enterprises in Asia who have triumphed in the ever-changing waters of business, forging success at the peak of their respective industries, and provides them with the ideal platform for regional collaborations in 16 countries and across 24 industries. For more information, visit

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