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WeRide Robosweeper Rolls into Singapore, Facilitating Smart Sanitation of the ‘Garden City’

SINGAPORE, June 20, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — WeRide announced a partnership with Chye Thiam Maintenance (CTM), a renowned sanitation company in Singapore, to jointly advance the commercial deployment of WeRide Robosweepers in Singapore. The first batch of WeRide Robosweepers has successfully arrived in Singapore and begun safety testing, with official operations expected to commence by the end of 2024.

WeRide Robosweepers testing in Singapore (Photo source: THE STRAITS TIMES)
WeRide Robosweepers testing in Singapore (Photo source: THE STRAITS TIMES)

Singapore has achieved remarkable results in urban sanitation, with tree-lined streets, numerous gardens, and a picturesque landscape, earning it the reputation of a “Garden City.” The partnership between WeRide and CTM will provide the latest cutting-edge technology and high-quality unmanned sanitation services for urban cleaning in Singapore

CTM is one of the largest cleaning and waste management companies in Singapore. It maintains long-term cooperative relationships with the Singapore government, entertainment and tourism industry, and is a leading pioneer in the field of sanitation in Singapore.

WeRide is a global leader in autonomous driving technology, conducting R&D, testing, and operations across 30 cities in 7 countries worldwide. With a comprehensive range of mature, massively produced products and extensive commercialization experience in smart sanitation, smart logistics, and smart mobility, WeRide has established itself as an autonomous driving industry frontrunner.

Since September 2022, WeRide’s smart sanitation services have been rolled out in multiple cities, including Guangzhou, Shenzhen, and Beijing. These deployments contribute to model projects for smart city development, enhancing the livability and tourism appeal of these urban areas.

WeRide Robosweeper S6 features multiple high-precision sensors and AI algorithms, enabling it to efficiently perform various urban sanitation tasks such as road sweeping, water spraying, and disinfection. The Robosweeper can automatically detect road conditions, avoid pedestrians and obstacles, ensuring safe and reliable operation while enhancing cleaning efficiency.

Additionally, the WeRide Robosweeper is powered by an all-electric drive system, reducing carbon dioxide emissions by nearly 10,000 kilograms per month on average. This ensures its low-carbon footprint while significantly contributing to the green transformation of Singapore’s sanitation sector.

The landing in Singapore marks the successful entry of WeRide’s smart sanitation business into the international market, further unleashing its commercial landscape and potential. WeRide will view Singapore as a strategic center, collaborate with local partners, and rapidly enter the Southeast Asian sanitation market, bringing efficient and high-quality unmanned sanitation services to more countries and cities.

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