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30,000 marathon enthusiasts run in beautiful Dalian

DALIAN, China, Oct. 17, 2023 Dalian of Liaoning is located on the shores of the Bohai Bay in China and enjoys pleasant views in the golden autumn season. On October 15 at 7:30 am, the 33rd Dalian Marathon kicked off with almost 30,000 marathon runners from 25 countries and regions in this beautiful coastal city.

Dalian Donggang Business District
Dalian Donggang Business District

Launched in 1987, the Dalian Marathon is one of the oldest marathons in China. After years of development and accumulation, the international, competitive, mass and comprehensive character of the Dalian Marathon has been continuously improved, becoming the gold medal event of the China Athletic Association and the gold standard event of the World Athletic Federation as well as the “Club of Double Gold Medals” of the highest Chinese marathon events.

Dalian is the city with the longest coastline on the Chinese mainland. Players can enjoy the unique charm of the mountain and sea landscape throughout the competition. A picturesque scroll painting of history and modernity, busy and quiet, magnificent and exquisite, unfolds itself slowly along the way.

As a leader and window for opening up to the outside world in Northeast China, Dalian is committed to building an international shipping center in Northeast Asia, international logistics center and regional financial center. It is the permanent host city of the Summer Davos Forum and has hosted international conferences such as the China International Digital and Software Service Fair and the China International Patent Fair. Dalian enjoys pleasant climate and beautiful surroundings. It is one of the 500 cities of the best world according to United Nations and included in the first batch of “China’s Best Tourism Destinations”. It has twice been named “China’s Top 10 Cities of Great Beauty”. Although more than 20 city marathons in China will start simultaneously on October 15, Dalian still attracts many domestic and foreign marathon enthusiasts with its unique urban charm. In addition, 60% of the players come from other cities in China and overseas countries and regions.

The Dalian Marathon brings not only a comfortable course experience and scenery to domestic and foreign runners, but also rich seafood from 39° north latitude – at the end of the “full marathon”, participants can enjoy seafood porridge, fish ball soup, dumplings, fish noodles and other seafood specialties from Dalian for free. Beyenu Degefa Begna of Ethiopia, the women’s champion of this year’s event, said excitedly, “Dalian city is beautiful and great! I love Dalian!”

In order to provide participants with a better urban experience, Dalian also introduced a number of cultural and tourist preference policies by the end of October. People can enjoy the pleasure of sea fishing, camping, hot springs, and yachting, as well as skiing, surfing, and rafting in Dalian. National Resort Golden Pebble Beach, Laohutan Dole Aquarium, Sunasia Ocean World, Dalian Forest Zoo etc. are all great attractions for domestic and foreign tourists.

The athlete Lyu Mingming returned to his hometown of Dalian from Vancouver, Canada. “I have competed in 59 marathons both at home and abroad for 6 years, and the Dalian Marathon is the 60th competition, which is particularly significant.” He said, “Dalian is a hospitable city. Welcome to Dalian and let’s run together!”

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At the starting line of the 33rd. Dalian Marathon
At the starting line of the 33rd. Dalian Marathon
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