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Disrupting Singapore’s Insurance Landscape: “Find Your Agent” Launches Transparency-led Directory & Reviews Platform

SINGAPORE, Oct. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — “Find Your Agent,” a web-based platform poised to reshape how consumers find and choose financial advisors through providing unparalleled transparency, choice and accessibility.

The platform’s unveiling comes at a time when the insurance sector grapples with long-standing issues, including dishonest acts, cold-calls and pushy sales tactics, causing deterrence behaviors amongst consumers towards financial protection. “Find Your Agent” emerges as a disruptive force, paving way for consumer acceptance by fostering trust in a neutral and informed insurance landscape.

“Find Your Agent” is a free-to-use platform housing an independent directory of licensed financial advisors which provides consumers with choice and accessibility to find and connect with a financial advisor that aligns with their specific needs and values.

Coupled with the ability for registered customers to leave unmoderated reviews and ratings, “Find Your Agent” offers a transparent platform for consumers to get a balanced perspective when evaluating a financial advisor, and encourages financial advisors to uphold service levels.

The neutral nature of the platform also equips financial advisors to reach a bigger pool of customers, especially those who shun aggressive sales tactics.

Wang Ying Jie, Founder and CEO of “Find Your Agent” said, “Our vision is a future where consumers feel safe to proactively seek and accept advice from a licensed financial advisor due to the transparency, accessibility and choice that “Find Your Agent” provides.”

“As “Find Your Agent” makes its debut, consumers can now access the directory, read authentic customer reviews and connect with licensed financial advisors dedicated to your financial well-being.” Licensed financial advisors are also encouraged to list their profile on “Find Your Agent” and strive towards bridging the protection gap in a sustainable manner.

About Find Your Agent:
Find Your Agent is Singapore’s 1st independent financial advisors directory and reviews platform, transforming the Singaporean insurance landscape by championing transparency, choice and accessibility. With its unbiased network of licensed financial advisors helming authentic reviews, Find Your Agent empowers consumers to make educated and informed insurance decisions to better their financial futures.

For more information, please visit: www.findyouragent.co

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