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VISTA Eye Specialist is now certified ESG-friendly with BCorp

PETALING JAYA, Malaysia, Sept. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — VISTA Eye Specialist, a renowned Eye Care Clinic in Malaysia, proudly announces its certification as a B Corporation™ (B Corp™). This achievement underscores VISTA’s commitment to positive change, innovative services, exceptional business management, and impactful community contributions while delivering top-tier eye care services.

VISTA B Corp Certified
VISTA B Corp Certified

The certification follows VISTA’s recent win in The STAR’s ESG Positive Impact Awards (Star ESG Awards) and is awarded through a rigorous verification process to companies meeting high standards of transparency, accountability, social and environmental performance. This distinguishes companies genuinely dedicated to positive global impact from those solely focused on profits. The B Corp certification also enables consumers, investors, and stakeholders to identify businesses aligned with their values.

Noteworthy for clinical and business excellence, VISTA is a preferred destination for global surgeons seeking learning and collaboration. With an impressive score above the passing mark, VISTA’s B Corp certification excels in Staff, Customer, and Community pillars. It stands among a select group of global medical centers to achieve B Corp Certification and is the sole Eye Specialist in Asia with this distinction.

Tan Chin-Ching, VISTA’s CEO, underscores the certification’s significance: “This recognition validates our ESG efforts in nurturing personnel, serving customers, engaging stakeholders, and safeguarding communities and the environment. It not only acknowledges VISTA’s consistent commitment to a sustainable culture but also benchmarks our practices against global standards, providing insights into areas for enhancement, as healthcare companies are increasingly demanded to be transparent and accountable.”

ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) is a framework for assessing an organization’s sustainability and ethical impact. ESG-focused companies often outperform peers, enhance customer care, attract top talent, and mitigate risks. ESG initiatives, like reducing environmental impact, promoting equitable access to care, supporting sustainable supply chains, and empowering employees, improve financial performance.

VISTA’s certification reflects diverse initiatives, including the VISTA Academy’s Upskilling program. Bernard Chan, VISTA’s Training & Sustainability Manager, highlights the program’s integration of Gamification and experiential learning principles, fostering competition and contributing to VISTA’s STAR ESG Awards. The “VISTA Youth Challenge” empowers young people with real-world experience and project management skills, aligning with UNSDG Goal no. 8 for inclusive economic growth and employment.

VISTA’s role as a community champion is central to its achievement. Initiatives like the VISTA Eye Carnival since 2010 raise eye care awareness and offer free screenings. VISTA supports those in need, local businesses during challenges, and provides free cataract surgeries – including collaborations with NGOs such as the Rotary Club, Lion’s Club and Tzu Chi Foundation just to name a few.

Tan remarks, “VISTA’s journey signifies excellence, compassion, and innovation. Alongside over 7,300 global companies across 92 countries, we help reshape the economy for the betterment of all.”

With B Corp certification, VISTA solidifies its commitment to excellence, compassion, and innovation, standing as a force for good and positive change while delivering exceptional eye care services to enhance sight.

About VISTA Eye Specialist:

Founded in 1999, VISTA provides prominent eye care services in Malaysia with 14 centers nationwide.

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