Friday, June 14, 2024

Hua Xin Global and Huawei Petal Ads Sign Agreement to Expand International Education Markets

SHANGHAI, May 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — At the 2024 ITB China conference, Petal Ads and Hua Xin Global signed a collaboration agreement to enhance educational promotion. This partnership aims to provide students with international education pathways and innovative learning experiences, driving the development of the education industry.

The collaboration will introduce the “Tech Academic Study Tour” project, offering students cutting-edge technology education experiences. This project plans to collaborate with Huawei’s study programs, leveraging Huawei’s technological expertise to develop new teaching models. Hua Xin Global will also integrate resources with local travel agencies in Yunnan and its own 2,000-acre tea estate camp, providing an immersive experience combining nature and technology. Petal Ads will use its digital marketing expertise to precisely target the intended audience, especially new-generation parents.

As a leading company bridging education between Singapore and China, Hua Xin Global is committed to eliminating information barriers and ensuring students access the latest information from both domestic and international sources. Recognizing the importance of globalization and digitalization, Hua Xin Global understands that maintaining a competitive edge in the study tour market requires embracing innovative technology to achieve intelligent and personalized services. Hence, Hua Xin Global has sought partners capable of providing robust technical support and innovative solutions to meet growing educational needs.

Petal Ads, with its extensive expertise in digital marketing, big data analysis, and artificial intelligence, has a broad user base and rich media resources. It also boasts significant experience in digital marketing and innovative activities within the cultural tourism and education sectors. Hua Xin Global will utilize Petal Ads’ advanced technology and platform resources to further expand its business in the international education market, enhancing service quality and providing students worldwide with richer and more convenient study tour experiences.

This strategic partnership reflects a shared vision for development and a deep understanding of future trends in the education industry. Moving forward, both parties will work together to usher in a new era of intelligent study tour services, contributing positively to the prosperity and development of the education sector.

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