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SINGAPORE, Aug. 4, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — KILSA Global Pte Ltd, a leading cross-border business service provider, in partnership with its Korean partner, MOGOS Pte Ltd, announced the introduction of MOGOS SCM, a mobility solution for the social service sector at the NCSS Social Service Summit 2023, a two-day event at Raffles City Convention Centre organised by the National Council of Social Service.

Mr. Kim Dong-ho, CEO of MOGOS
Mr. Kim Dong-ho, CEO of MOGOS

A revolutionary mobility solution tailored for Singapore’s social service sector, MOGOS SCM is a subscription-based service that dramatically increases social workers’ work efficiency and enhances planning and reporting. MOGOS SCM is positioned as a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) solution which various NCSS agencies can connect securely with and access services seamlessly from. The solution allows these workers to not only prepare for their tasks on hand but also update their respective agencies about their activities and status on the fly. Leveraging mobile technology, MOGOS SCM automates the process and enables dynamic, real-time updates. Additionally, the incorporation of geospatial technology adds a dimension of mobility, enabling the sharing of users’ and members’ locations. Meanwhile, the use of intuitive, colour-coded visualisation allows important information to be displayed in a meaningful, easy-to-understand manner.

Mr Kim Dong-ho, CEO of MOGOS, said during the sideline of NCSS Social Service Summit 2023, “In the past, geospatial technology was used for the monitoring, tracking and analysis of machine-based activities, like road traffic and vehicle fleets. We saw an opportunity for the underserved social service sector to leverage this technology, while ensuring security for members’ confidential data. Geospatial technology can be a useful long-term solution to enable important connections between agencies and community members.”

Apart from enhancing practice for social service workers in the community, the integrated nature of MOGOS SCM functions also allows for dynamic, real-time analysis of data for team leaders and management. In a departure from past practice, users do not have to manually analyse siloed information. MOGOS SCM takes real-time input from multiple sources, analyses it and presents it in a meaningful way so that right decisions can be made. This new way of collecting, accessing and analysing information with the use of modern technology assists social service agencies in improving their efficiencies and accuracy, leading to higher productivity. More importantly, it also raises the standards of the social service sector. This is in line with NCSS’ goals of digitalising and improving the sector, with the aim of reaching out to even more community members and benefiting them better.

Viriya Community Services, a social service agency under NCSS that provides services to communities in HDB heartlands, is the pioneering agency partner involved in the design, trial and implementation of MOGOS SCM. The joint collaboration resulted in a mobile app, Viriya ICM (Interactive Community Map), the first live application in Singapore and the physical manifestation of the wider platform, MOGOS SCM. Since trials began for the integrated solution, its users have seen their productivity increase, resulting in better engagement with the beneficiaries.

Viriya ICM is part of a broader strategy by KILSA Global and MOGOS to leverage geospatial technology for civil and community services in Singapore and the region. The companies are looking to deploy similar technology for services like healthcare, policing and civil defence. Alluding to the future possibilities, Mr Kim said, “There is enormous potential for geospatial technology to play an important role in the provision of civil services. Enhancing community support with technology allows society to thrive. Technology does not replace human beings; it enhances their well-being”. Mobile and geospatial technologies have the potential to disrupt the way things are currently done. Mr Kim added, “With MOGOS SCM, as we provide help, we also analyse and turn daily social activities into meaningful data to benefit the ecosystem. Social care transforms into human care. Currently, we manage cases block by block. Going forward, we want to manage estate by estate. Eventually, we want to expand that into the entire nation.”

Agreeing, Mr Philip Park, Managing Director of KILSA Global, added, “We wish to support community services based on real-time information. In this way, we become more proactive and allocate resources better, resulting in the optimisation of processes. Building a better society is contingent upon many factors. Policy-making and execution of these policies are two important components in effective governance. To this end, technology can play a very useful role and we are proud to partner MOGOS in the design and implementation of this solution.”

Apart from the good working relationship between KILSA Global and MOGOS, the companies also credit MOGOS SCM’s success to the participation of Viriya Community Services. While KILSA Global is the market entry service provider and MOGOS provides the technology, Viriya Community Services is the anchor client. The tripartite working relationship resulted in a tight, consultative and collaborative approach. The synergy that developed went on to allow the group to go from issue identification, to detailed planning and design, to in-depth trials and finally project implementation.

MOGOS SCM is MOGOS’ first foray into the social service space. Armed with its strong background in mobility technology services, MOGOS is well positioned to bring about transformative changes to this sector. As Mr Kim put it, “MOGOS is not just an application developer. Yes, MOGOS possesses many IP and is capable of developing solutions for the social service sector that are scalable, practical, workable and fully integrated with their workflows. However, we also want to use our technology know-how to benefit the greater society. At the end of the day, entrepreneurship is different from business. Business is a short-term, profit-centred activity with a focus on shareholder ROI. Entrepreneurship, on the other hand, is about building something new to benefit society. Entrepreneurs have the moral duty to do things with a heart to create something that is long-term and sustainable.”

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KILSA Global is a cross-border market entry execution and management specialist that helps innovative business accelerate business expansions in Southeast Asia. It envisions to be the market entry platform of choice of companies for their business transformation, globalisation, acceleration and funding needs. KILSA Global strives to achieve the best for its clients by being a collaborative and inclusive strategic platform that adds value to existing business ecosystems in Asia.


MOGOS is the leading mobility solutions company in Singapore and a subsidiary of FATOS in Korea. Backed by years of experience in the telecommunications, navigation and mobility space, the company specialises in real-time monitoring and analysis based on flexible 3D maps. MOGOS possesses in excess of 20 years of research and development experience and more than 30 technologies across different fields. Since its incorporation in Singapore in 2019, MOGOS has successfully completed multiple projects across the region in collaboration with over 50 partners.

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