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WeTV Excites Fans with An Exciting Line-up of Shows in Indonesia and Thailand

The international video streaming platform will be rolling out a series of highly anticipated Chinese and local dramas as well as CHUANG ASIA Thailand in the Indonesian and Thai markets in 2024.

JAKARTA, Indonesia and BANGKOK, Oct. 2, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — WeTV, the international streaming service launched by Tencent Video, introduced an exciting line-up of new shows in Thailand and Indonesia at its flagship “WeTV Always More 2024” event. 2024 will see WeTV bringing new and interesting shows to captivate their audiences in Thailand and Indonesia. Alongside the announcement, the company also introduced Chinese megastar, Zhao Lusi as WeTV Global Brand Ambassador.


WeTV Indonesia Always More 2024
WeTV Indonesia Always More 2024

Zhao Lusi, WeTV Global Brand Ambassador
Zhao Lusi, WeTV Global Brand Ambassador

WeTV has since been providing content from China, Korea, and Japan to local markets for several years. WeTV is committed to producing additional local content in Indonesian and Thai to cater to fans’ growing appetite for diverse, high-quality shows, as well as to support local talent and increase their presence in the global entertainment market. 

Kaichen LI, Head of WeTV, stated “WeTV is fully committed to delivering the finest entertainment experience to our audiences. Our unyielding dedication drives us to work closely with our partners, as we strive to offer premium content that resonates with our viewers. We remain excited about the opportunities ahead and look forward to continuing our journey of bringing high-quality entertainment to our audiences.”

For Thailand, WeTV announced the launch of CHUANG ASIA’s Thai edition with Jackson Wang as Lead Mentor. The Asia’s pioneering idol survival show originated by Tencent Video will search for the first idol girl group in Thailand to debut internationally under RYCE Entertainment, cofounded by Jackson Wang and Daryl K.  WeTV also announced a collaboration with the show’s esteemed co-investors, namely one31, GMMTV, Have Fun Media, RYCE Entertainment, and 411 Entertainment. This partnership aims to elevate the show’s production quality and facilitate the development of world-class capabilities for the upcoming debut of talented individuals. CHAUNG ASIA will start airing in February 2024 with global viewability on WeTV, plus broadcasting on one31 channel in Thailand and on selected TV channels in Southeast Asia.  

In addition to the lighthearted romantic comedy series Intern in My Heart created by BRAVO! Studios, a subsidiary of GMM Studios International, which will be available on WeTV before the end of 2023, WeTV Thailand also unveiled part of its 2024 content line-up, including teen comedy Knock Knock, Boys!, featuring Best-Vittawin, Seng-Wichai, Jaonine-Jiraphat and Nokia-Chinnawat. It also introduced romantic comedy Monster Next Door, which is based on a famous internet novel guaranteed by the acclaimed Thai director Lit-Phadung Samajarn. It also announced Fake Po, its first ORIGINAL series produced by Mandeework and based on an internet novel that has been read by millions of fans.

Meanwhile in Indonesia, WeTV has announced six exclusive original productions from WeTV Indonesia. The WeTV Original Indonesian titles are The Two Faces of Arjuna (Dua Wajah Arjuna), Hand in Marriage (Kawin Tangan), Don’t Blame Me for Cheating (Jangan Salahkan Aku Selingkuh), Should Get Married (Harus Kawin), The Death of Love (Cinta Mati), and Playing with Fire (Main Api). In short, WeTV Indonesia is gearing up to present a diverse entertainment experience for viewers.

WeTV also announced twelve highly anticipated Chinese titles including As Beautiful A s You, Love has Fireworks, The Last Immortal, and The Legend of Shen Li. As a leading streaming service for Asian content, WeTV continues to strengthen its position as the go-to platform for Chinese dramas and movies with its vast library of high-quality content.

WeTV is available on desktop and can also be downloaded from mobile apps, either on Android (Google Play) or iOS (App Store) devices.

About WeTV

WeTV is an Asian streaming service that sees the creation of premier video-on-demand (VOD) and provides over-the-top (OTT) local content. The streaming service provides content from around the region, including selected Chinese, Indonesian, Korean, Malaysian, Philippines and Thai series and movies. Operating as a freemium service, viewers can access some content without the need for a paid subscription and premium content at a small fee. The basic features also include free subtitles. WeTV is available on the browser at , or on the WeTV application that can be downloaded from the Apple Store for iOS users and the Google Play Store for Android users.

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