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Spectrum Material’s Strategic Move in Greater KL’s Semiconductor Ecosystem

Spectrum Materials Malaysia’s Managing Director, John Giasnante, reveals more about why Greater KL ticked all the right boxes and the role InvestKL played in expediting the company’s operations.

John Giasnante (seated), Managing Director of Spectrum Materials Malaysia

Spectrum Materials, a world leader in manufacturing high-purity specialty gas materials, particularly for the semiconductor industry, recently established their first plant facilities outside China at Sendayan Techvalley in the Greater KL Southern Corridor.

Now what makes Greater KL an attractive location to leading global companies? Our conversation with Spectrum Materials Malaysia’s Managing Director, John Giasnante reveals that Greater KL ticked all the right boxes:

✔️ A vibrant business ecosystem

✔️ Robust infrastructure

✔️ Dynamic & young talent pool

✔️ Access to regional business opportunities

“With over 60 patents relating to specialty gases for the high technology industry, Spectrum Materials plays a critical role in the global high-tech industry supply chain. Our customers are mainly those in front end computer chip manufacturing, as well as those in flat panel display, LED, solar cells and other emerging technologies; working with world class semiconductor manufacturers based in Taiwan, China, Japan, Singapore, Korea, and the US.

This played a key role in shaping our decision to locate our plant at Sendayan Techvalley, as it is strategically positioned for us to reach our existing customer base in Singapore, for expanding markets within Southeast Asia.

We would also be remiss to overlook the burgeoning semiconductor industry here, to whom we can also supplement the supply of critical gases required for ‘front end’ manufacturing. Such opportunities to be right on the pulse of the semiconductor industry only solidified our decision to be based here.

In addition, we were intrigued by the resources that Sendayan Techvalley offers. These include the availability of clean three phase power, plentiful water, and a Liquified Natural Gas (LNG) pipeline among other attributes. 

We were also impressed by the foresight that accompanies the planning of the infrastructure, including the excellent transport linkages it offers, such as bus stops, controlled intersections and roads that allow for the smooth management of traffic. Add to that the very attractive leasing terms which assures us financial security, we were more than comfortable in making the investment.

Setting Up the Facility

Starting out, we had two issues on top of mind – namely the hiring and working with the relevant ministries and agencies.

InvestKL was an excellent partner throughout our journey. They understood our needs and requirements to accelerate the establishment of our facilities and connected us with the right people – consultants, authorities, you name it. Their help was key to our success.

I would also like to acknowledge the assistance provided by the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA), the Department of Occupational Health and Safety (DOSH), and the Department of Environment (DOE) for their speedy responses to our enquiries. This allowed us to take immediate action to fulfil any requirements asked of us.

Fortunately, I have lived in Malaysia before as I was previously involved in specialty gas venture in Kuching, Sarawak, so I am quite familiar with the Malaysian culture and the local way of life. The experience has certainly helped Spectrum Materials in setting our base of operations here in Greater KL.

Our Aspirations

The Malaysian factory aims to fulfil two goals – to be closer to our customer base in Singapore as well as the wider Southeast Asian region and to increase the supply of critical gases in computer chips manufacturing. In addition, Malaysia also provides us with the unique advantage of being able to seamlessly add new products to our manufacturing line thus enabling us to quickly adapt to changing market demands.

At the same time, we are also looking forward to contributing to the growth of Greater KL and Malaysia as a whole. Being a fresh face in Malaysia, Spectrum Materials is eager to connect with universities to identify the people we need to accomplish our vision. The comparatively young and growing tech space in Southeast Asia allows us to implement one of our tenets, which is to employ younger talent.

The rapid evolution of the tech industry is undeniable. If we are to stay ahead of the curve and foster innovation, we must embrace the fresh perspectives of young talent. I am confident that by joining our team, they will acquire invaluable skills adaptable to various sectors, propelling both themselves and our industry forward.

As our company culture states, “quality for the foundation, technology for the branch”. Greater KL provides an all-encompassing environment for Spectrum Materials’s first overseas plant to operate optimally”.

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