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Adopting Technology for A Cleaner Selangor

Every day, more than 7,000 tonnes of domestic or municipal solid waste is produced in Selangor, which works out to more than 2.55 million tonnes a year. To put this into context, a NASA space shuttle is approximately 2,000 tonnes, meaning that in one year alone, households in Selangor produce the weight equivalent of 1,277 space shuttles. Needless to say, if this waste is not collected and disposed of properly, it will result in severe public health and hygiene concerns. Fortunately, this is not an issue thanks to efforts of KDEB Waste Management (KDEBWM) – Selangor’s premier waste management company.

According to KDEBWM’s General Manager  of Operations, Mohd Idris Mohammed Yusof (top centre), “As the largest waste collector in Malaysia, KDEBWM has the necessary assets to ensure that we keep Selangor as clean as possible. We have invested in nine types of assets for our fleet to ensure that our operations run smoothly. In total, we have 1,185 vehicles in our fleet.”

Making up the majority of KDEBWM’s fleet are vehicles such as compactor trucks and arm roll/RORO (Roll-On-Roll-Off) trucks which number 575 and 591 respectively. The rest of the fleet comprises vehicles such as high-pressure water jetters, road sweepers and catch basin cleaners, to name a few, which enables KDEBWM to carry out different types of operations.

For instance, mini compactor trucks, which are much smaller in size than regular compactor trucks, are able to navigate narrow streets and collect waste from hard to reach areas.

There are the mini road sweepers which are used in KDEBWM’s public cleansing activities and which have a loading capacity of 680 kg per use. And then there is the Glutton Litter Picker which is a mobile vacuum cleaner which collects litter and debris from public spaces.

In addition to cleaning litter from the roads, KDEBWM’s public cleansing activities include clearing blocked drains and washing the roads, which are carried out by high-pressure water jetters. These jetters are usually complemented by the catch basin cleaner (CBC) which suctions water and sand in deep drains.

KDEBWM’s services are not just limited to urban areas alone. The company has deployed the Scam SL Scorpion Walk Behind Beach Comber at Morib Beach to collect debris such as plastic, seaweed, and other waste materials on the beach.

Digitalising Waste Management

Technology also plays an important role in KDEBWM’s operations. For instance, its compactor trucks are fitted with a Vehicle Monitoring System (VMS) which enables real-time monitoring and tracking of the truck’s location, speed, movements, and stop, thus ensuring timely waste collection.

The company has also developed two apps – i-Clear Selangor and i-Clean Selangor – to help in its operations. The former is used by contractors and workers to streamline work in domestic collection and public cleansing activities. The app includes features such as a scheduler, camera, GPS, dashboard and data analysis, and helps reduce the use of paper and enhance efficiency in daily operations. While the i-Clear Selangor app is used by those involved in the waste management business, i-Clean Selangor is aimed at the general public in Selangor. By using this app, people in Selangor can lodge complaints or reports about waste collection and public cleansing services, and even submit  pictures of the incident.

Moving forward, KDEBWM aspires to enhance its uptake of technology such as by installing CCTVs on their compactors to better track waste collection, and also to reduce the use of paper when reporting on waste collection. Ultimately, the company is driven by one goal – to keep Selangor clean, because a clean Selangor is a prosperous Selangor.

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