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Offbeat Stays in Fukui, Japan: Tradition-Inspired Townhouses Open for Guest Stays in the Japanese Village of Mikuniminato

TOKYO, Jan. 30, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — CORE GLOBAL MANAGEMENT COMPANY, LIMITED has opened its 22nd hotel in the historic Mikuniminato area of Japan’s Fukui prefecture on Sunday, 28th January 2024. The new hotel, Auberge Homachi Mikuniminato, aims to bridge the gap between travelers and the local community by offering a stay in a renovated historic building alongside meals with local specialties and activities diving deep into local culture. This makes the perfect stay for those who love nature, history, and culture.

An Area Full of History

The Mikuniminato area and wider Fukui region is full of historic sightseeing spots and buildings including the Auberge Homachi Mikuniminato which, as of its opening, is made up of nine renovated townhouses. They are spread across an 800-meter area with a dedicated restaurant, all centered around a reception building.  The buildings have been renovated to preserve their historic exterior while enhancing earthquake resilience, making use of local resources to decorate the interior such as Fukui timber and Shakudani stone. The townhouses were restored to immerse guests in the local culture, and feature housing styles such as Kaguradate, an architectural approach unique to Mikuniminato.

The name “Auberge Homachi Mikuniminato” is also full of historical meaning. The Mikuniminato area made a name for itself during the late Edo (1603 – 1868) and Meiji (1868 – 1912) periods as an important port transporting goods between Osaka and Hokkaido. The word “Homachi” (lit. “waiting to sail”) referred to the time when the sailors would wait for good wave and wind conditions to sail. But it also came to mean the reward for the children who would help with the transported goods during the wait. In this way, the name “Auberge Homachi Mikuniminato” was chosen in the hopes that guests will take a rest before traveling to their next location, as well as the stay acting as a reward for the hard work from their busy lives.

A Focus on Food

Another important aspect of the accommodation is the food. The word “auberge” has been taken from French, and in Japanese is primarily used to refer to a hotel in the countryside where the food is the focus and the guests are enveloped in the local atmosphere.

At the hotel’s restaurant, “Tateru Yoshino Mikuniminato“, the food is prepared in a French style while using local ingredients from Mikuniminato and the wider Fukui area. The head chef and restaurant’s namesake, Tateru Yoshino, trained for several years in France, including under the lead of Joël Robuchon, before returning to Japan. He uses his award-winning skills to make the most of the port town’s specialties, such as sweet shrimp and Echizen Crab.

Cultural Activities

Alongside its historic setting and food full of local flavor, the auberge also offers an array of activities to allow guests to immerse themselves in the culture. The activities range from walking tours exploring the town’s history to cooking classes making use of seasonal local ingredients. Other activities include local shamisen classes and traditional lantern making, elevating the stay to a more cultural experience.


Located in Fukui’s Sakai area, the hotel is accessible from Awaraonsen Station (JR) via the hotel’s free 20-minute pickup service (by reservation only).

From March 2024 the Hokuriku Shinkansen is due to expand to stop at Awaraonsen Station. With its speeds of up to 260kmh, the trip will take a minimum of three hours (2hr 59 min.) from Tokyo Station.


CORE GLOBAL MANAGEMENT COMPANY, LIMITED was established in 2007. Their goal is to create memorable stays for the guests by connecting them with the local culture. The company works with each hotel to design a unique story to fit the location, making the most of the locale’s atmosphere, cuisine, and potential for activities.

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*After the recent Noto Peninsula Earthquake on January 1, 2024, tourist spots in Mikuniminato are open as usual as of January 30, 2024. Auberge Homachi Mikuniminato has opened as scheduled and is looking forward to welcoming everyone.

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